I used to work for the company that owns this number. They call saying that they are the Firefighters Association. (Hi! This is John Doe from the Firefighters Association. Just calling to let you know that the guys are doing their annual concert..blah blah blah) The people doing the call actually work for a company called Fireco (and is located on Franklin Blvd in Gastonia, NC) They take money for concert tickets (one country and one oldies). The country concert is held in the fall and the oldies concert is in the spring. They say that the money that you pay for the ticket goes to benefit the firefighters association. This is the actual deal. The most common question is this :Does this money go to the firefighters? the answer is thus: Some of it, yes. They tell you that it is a split 40/60 split. This is half true as well. Right off the bat, Fireco gets 50% of all of the profits made. Then with what is left over - Fireco and the firefighters split it 60/40. So, say, they make $100,000.00 total (which they make a LOT more) of that, $50,000.00 automatically goes to Fireco. of the $50,000 that is left over - $30,000 (60%) will go to the firefighters and the other $20,000(40%) will go to Fireco. So,of the $100,000 made - $70,000 goes to Fireco - with only $30,000 going to the firefighters. If you look at it - the split is ACTUALLY 70/30 with the bulk going to Fireco and NOT the firefighters. The number that calls you (704-874-0181) from the "collections" department of the firefighters association is actually an employee with Fireco. None of the money made from "collections" goes to the Firefighters. After the concert is over - any money that comes in, goes directly to Fireco. Also - after you receive your initial phone call "Hi this is Jack - calling with the Firefighters Association..." You will receive another phone call from the "Mailroom" of the Firefighters Association or NC Firefighters..This is actually a person sitting in the other room, calling just to VERIFY that you said you were going to send in the money. The reason that they say "Can the firefighters count on your support within a week of receiving everything?" is because of the "Freshmail" numbers. The more people that pay during that week - the more money that Fireco makes. This doesn't benefit the Firefighters so much. None of this does. I had to quit because I couldn't stand it anymore. I didn't like deceiving people and the Firefighters not benefiting from this like they should. Take it from me. Donate to your local or neighborhood Fire Station - Don't send any money to these people that call you. Take your donation directly to the fire house.
 Dec 18th, 2012
they call and hang up after one or two rings.
 Nov 07th, 2012
Caller did not leave a message.
 Oct 29th, 2008
Caller doesn't leave a message. Thank you, caller id!
 Nov 21st, 2007