Recorded political message against Sen. Kay Hagan. Calls her an "extreme liberal" who supports the government "recklessly printing money", etc. No facts were given to support these opinions.
In February, based on her 2013 voting record, the National Journal ranked her as the most moderate senator ( ).
The government prints the money. They are supposed to. Recklessly? What has she said or done to make you think that?
Controls on energy companies? Check out how much Exxon, etc actually paid in taxes over the past several years, and compare that to their profits. And natural gas fracking is a big controversy in NC now. I certainly don't want my ground water polluted with chemicals that they won't identify. And I've seen the videos of tap water catching fire. I WANT someone to put some controls on energy companies.
Tell me, NC Priorities, who are you really working for? And what in the world ARE your priorities?
 Sep 23rd, 2014