Hee hee! A "secret government company" .... What would that be named, 'Illuminati Lending, LLC'? These fools are most amusing -- can't even compose a decent cover story for their fraud.

A simple phrase search on any of the following faux business names turns up a wealth of similar complaints going back at least eighteen months:

Affidavit Consolidation Services
Central Investigation & Litigation
National Affidavit Processing Services (or "Center" or "Department")

These are other names provided by one of the few TV news reports I've found:

American Law Division
Crime Protection & Investigation
Criminal Bureau of Identity
Cyber Crime Division
Department of Law & Investigations
Federal Fraud Investigations
Federal Investigations Company
Federal Crime Investigations
Investigation Services
National Bureau of Crime Investigations
National Check Restitution
National Criminal Center
United Client Suspect Department
United Financial Crime Department
United Nation Legal Department
U.S. Crime Suspect Department
U.S. Justice Department: Payday Loan Division

Boy, they all sound like they mean business, and they all come right back to anonymous Indian call centers with no staff lawyers and no one of authority to do more than hurl curses and threats into a headset. Many of them mention the names of actual payday lending firms to help sell the fraud. It's still unclear if the scammers are entirely foreign, which would keep our laws out of reach, or if they answer to hidden organized U.S. criminals, perhaps the same ones bankrolling the payday lenders. I would still beat these thugs over the head with the FDCPA and complain to all relevant channels until they cave.
 Oct 24th, 2010
they called me and harrassed me saying they were going to send me to jail. i told them i had no outstanding loans, they yelled and cursed at me saying i needed to pay. i said wasn't paying anything to them and when i asked what company it was he told me it was law firm, central investigation and litigation. i was online while i was talking to him and asked why i can't find them on the net. he said they are a secret company. i asked him if they are a secret then how do companies find them to use them. he said they are a government company. I asked so you are a secret gov company, he said yes. so i asked him how do they accept payment, he said credit card. i said what if i don't have one, he said i can mail the payment, but he said first i have to fax auth saying that i am sending this payment to satisfy this debt w/ whatever company it is they claim i owe. so i asked for a physical address and he gave 402 palm st. charlotte north carolina, of course i checked for the address and it did not exist although he swears they are in north carolina. he asked me why i was asking so many questions. i told him it was so i can clear up this matter, if they are claiming i owe money that i dont owe then maybe someone was using my social illegally and he would not respond. i continue to try and get as much info as i could, and when i told him i was doing this so that i can give it to my attorney, he got spooked and said for me to just give him my attony phone # and he will call him and answer any other questions my attorney may have,and i did, at least what he thought was the #, which was actually my g/f # and she has not received a call of course. I have emailed this information to all the news channels in my area to see if someone can go ahead and investigate this fully, they have all my information, my social, my name, my address, and who knows what else they may know, if they can try and use my information against me to collect money what else could they use this information for
 Oct 21st, 2010
My g/f just got a call from this # saying that she owes some kind of pay day loan place that she has never used. Another friend of mine received the same call a while back claiming she owed a mortgage company. I think these people are scams and are obtaining information some how. When my friend called the mortgage company they had no record of her information on file and also let her know that this was not the first phone call they have received regarding this company claiming fruadulent information. They also told my g/f that she would go to jail if she didn't pay the 300.00. This is a scam.
 Oct 19th, 2010
Good job, Joe, except the DNC registry won't help. That's for sales calls, not collectors. If someone could find the head of the operation any one of you could file suit pro se or with a contingent lawyer and bleed these criminals.

In revisiting the FDCPA definition of "collector" yesterday, I read it as ANYone making claims you owe a debt. We know that definition stands if the thug is unlicensed, unregistered, un-whatever .... but I think it can literally be some punk with a phone and no actual business but posing as a business entity. Even if I'm wrong in painting this broadly, no decent judge is going to side with some abrasive jerk who has no proof of claim.
 Oct 18th, 2010
This is the 2nd time this lady has called but used a different number. She left a voice mail on my cell saying a friend or relative is under criminal investigation for "having done a fraud activity" and has listed me as a reference. She then named my adult daughter and said that if she or I didn't call back in 2 days, we have to appear at the courthouse (what courthouse? I guess any old one would do!). This time she said her name, Jenny Collins, and company, Central Investigations. As stated by others, she has a thick Indian accent.
The last time, she also called 2 other friends of my daughter, so we concluded this info came from a payday loan she did in another state over a year ago. Somehow, they have illegally obtained our personal info from this place. I have already filed this info (again) with the FTC as instructed below. My number is on the national do not call list.
 Oct 18th, 2010
A guy named Thomas called me from that 704-200-9909 number. He had a asian/india accent. He knew about my cousin thats in jail. He knew his full name and everything. It was weird.
 Oct 16th, 2010
I really hope you're all filing FTC and Attorney General complaints. I suspect it will take mass action to get these fake payday loan buttwipes shut down.
 Oct 12th, 2010
Called me a dozen times over the last few months, heavy accent, threatening... even called my job and left a message saying that if I didn't call them back they would let my HR department know that I owe them several thousand dollars for some (non-existant) payday loan!! They called, my son answered the phone and the guy told my 11 year-old son that he better have his mama call them or else the police would come the next day and take me to jail!! I assured my son that it was BS and not to worry. That was about 2 weeks ago... I'm still a free woman!!! (surprise, surprise) They just called again and I did what I should have done before... added taht number to my call rejection list! And I will continue to do that no matter what number those fools call from!
 Oct 12th, 2010
This persone called my telephone 24 times, they would call then hang up and call again. Something has to happen when someone harrasses a person, purposely. I ask them not to call again, that is when they continued to call.
 Oct 11th, 2010
This nasty person calls my office and asks for an unknown party. He absolutely harrassed me, called me a liar, etc. He would not give me his name, his supervisor, or name of his company. I have documented on my caller ID numerous calls from this company, one right after the other. One day he called me 7 times asking for HR. I told him I am HR. All these calls are to my office. I am contacting an attorney.
 Oct 11th, 2010
these people are frauds. they are trying to steal identities.
sam delaney
 Oct 05th, 2010
Wild guess here, could be one of the faux collectors who have created a flood of complaints here and on other forums for the past month, though the ruse has been active far longer. The calls are likely from overseas and the reps are said to have thick accents (often Asian Indian) and absolutely no polite manners. The callers like to use generic American-like names or even B-list celeb names. They also enjoy posing as law enforcement or debt attorneys and threaten legal action, often with foul language. Funny though, they never get around to properly dunning anyone by mail. All of these tactics are of course illegal under the FDCPA.

The basic protocol is that some clown rages and fumes about an old mobile phone bill or payday loan debt, usually one you never had and the caller cannot prove, hoping you are too spooked or stupid to verify your own credit history. One report says the overseas call centers are hired by U.S. entities in an effort to launder the abusive calls against FTC regulations, a dangerous loophole indeed. "Cash Advance USA" is the firm cited most often, but I'm sure there are other names.

Learn your rights at FTC-dot-gov and see these other number threads for a sample of encounters with these thugs:

347-342-0495, 813-756-4724, 813-441-0108, 919-912-799100 (Thus far the reports of their desperate fallback tactics from "So Cal Victim" are my favorite.)
 Sep 29th, 2010
I received several calls (more than a 1/2 doz) from this number is morning and last night. They left a voice mail last night. Very HEAVY accent...couldn't understand anything they were saying except threatening me to return the call. I recently received an email from my employer talking about this type of calls being a scam. Any advice???
 Sep 29th, 2010