I just received a call from this "VA" number stating that by being online my computer was infected with malicious software and viruses 1000 times worse than anything that could be detected by any virus software I may have on my computer. They claimed to be a company called I Secure VAP. It was a very thick indian-accented woman with a very English name who said she was located in Austin, TX. She provided a phone number 888-577-4003) to call back (which does lead back to I Secure VAP... they also have a website). She wanted me to sit in front of my computer so she could walk me through the necessary fixes at no charge unless something was found and then a technician would be on the line. Said that all of it would be done by me, however, would not give me the steps beforehand so I could do them on my own. According to her I was receiving the calls because I was a "genuine Windows user" and a survey had been done in my area. I haven't completed any surveys regarding my computer. When I told her that I felt this was a scam call and that I would not walk through any steps she wanted me to perform she hung up.
P. L.
 Mar 19th, 2014
See Lan below I had the same experience. I asked why since I use Norton and Windows Defender. Was told they didn't work but after they cleaned my system and gave them my credit card number everything would be okay with my system. RIGHT!
 Jan 20th, 2014
This is not a scam, it's legit. If you have ever had any reason to contact Microsoft about problems with your computer, they will call back and follow up. This is what happen with me. I upgraded Windows 8 and it caused some problems that I had to be talked through.
 Dec 11th, 2013
Caller with Indian accent trys to claim they are working for Micorsoft, but you cannot confirm with Microsoft they say. They try to show you the events log with errors and make you think these are unwanted files. Then they want you to give them access to your computer so their engineers can help. Pretty sure this is a scam and they are either trying to sell a PC cleaning software or want to hijack the files. Be careful of these people. They would not give me their phone number and when you call the number, a recording says the number is not in service. I hope people do not fall for this scam. They try to claim if they were hackers they wouldn't call. But if they were legit they wouldn't use a fake number and not give information that you can verify.
 Nov 22nd, 2013