I finally got so fed up with the number of calls from this place (after 2-3 months of it) and not leaving a message that I called back. Of course, it is a recording and claims to call on behalf of the NRA, but you can press 1 to find out what it's all about (lies, I'm sure). Then you have the option to press 3 to remove your number from the call list. The response was that Federal law allows them 30 days to remove it but they will work on getting it removed within a few days. We shall see - I may be making a new comment in a month!
Jan MI
 May 03rd, 2014
Caller ID: URGENT ALERT. Number Shown: 703-348-6523
NRA for National Recovery Agency. Call back results in a recorded message claiming to be National Rifle Association in Reston VA - No offices are in that region or city.

The Debt Collection Agency is attempting to claim you owe a debt to someone.
 May 03rd, 2014
Yup- - - its the NRA and have donated when I could. Have asked them to stop calling repeatedly to no avail. Been a member for years and I support their endeavors.
 Apr 30th, 2014
When I asked to be taken off this calling list I was promptly HUNG UP on. So rude!!!! Receive calls from Urgent Alert every day!
 Apr 16th, 2014
This is the NRA (National Rifle Association) for real...not some collection agency. They are in the midst of major fund raising to support the 2nd Amendment. I've gotten quite a few calls, but now just don't answer even though I pay my membership dues every year. I can only give what I can give...and I've done that.
 Apr 03rd, 2014
Will My Registration Expire?
How long does my phone number stay registered?

Telephone numbers on the registry will only be removed when they are disconnected and reassigned, or when the consumer chooses to remove a number from the registry. (scroll down)
 Feb 27th, 2014
This number has called several times, at various times of day during the past couple weeks. Caller ID says Urgent Alert, I do not answer and they do not leave a message.
 Feb 27th, 2014
I keep getting calls from 703-348-6523

Several (5) sites list this number (703-348-6523) as a telemarketer - from various small towns in Fairfax County Virginia ... one other site said this was the NRA, however I called the NRA (I'm a lifetime member) and none of their phones numbers match ...

as a side note: You must re-register any all phone numbers (landline or cell) every 6 months with the National Do Not Call Registry see
 Feb 25th, 2014
COLLECTION AGENCY *national recovery assets NRA* .......... Not National Rifle Assoc NOT
 Feb 09th, 2014
Another hang up
 Oct 07th, 2013
Calling on BEHALF OF the nra.
 Jul 26th, 2013