Caller ID shows up as TBD2. They have illegally called us from 484-660-6235, 201-283-9705, 201-425-1070, 201-720-0835, 216-278-0119, 305-209-9941, 339-201-8132, 458-201-1328, 484-589-5680, 510-201-5614, 669-400-3119, 702-675-9534, 720-450-9604, 732-813-5631, 803-599-6128, 813-474-7386, 845-842-7299, 928-741-3690, and 951-221-6112. The robocall voice states 'This is the Google Calling. Our records show that your Google listing is unclaimed and not showing up properly, blah blah blah '. Word to the wise folks - this is NOT Google calling you and contrary to their claims, they are NOT authorized by Google in any way. It's just another Scam SEO company claiming to be Google. The fact that they are claiming to be calling from Google is against the law, as it's misrepresentation and fraud, and I will be reporting the call to the AG's Office for Attempted Fraud, as well as reporting it to the and websites.
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 Oct 22nd, 2014