Called today- no one spoke. Not interested.
 Jun 01st, 2012
 Apr 13th, 2012
I have received repeated calls on different days. Caller ID says Hilton Grand VA. No response when I answer.
 Apr 12th, 2012
Hilton Grand Va calls at least twice/day. Who are they and how do I block them?
 Feb 15th, 2012
Y are u calling?
 Dec 08th, 2011
Now that you've practiced your no-call request here, Bernie, deliver it to the actual caller, which does not maintain this site or this web page.
 Jul 26th, 2011
 Jul 26th, 2011
Hilton Grand Va has called every night for 6 nights from 702-699-7929. We are also on the do-not-call list. Last night they called at 855PM.
Dont Bother Me
 Feb 24th, 2011
Hilton Grand Va has called every night for 4 nights from 702-699-7929. We are on the do-not-call list. They continue to call after being told not to.
 Jan 28th, 2011
Hilton is having money trouble and they are resorting to very aggressive vacation sales. I bought one because it seemed like a good deal at the time but they charged me $50 for not booking it a timely fashion. I told them to take me off their call list and reminded them that Marriott does not call me with this stuff.
 Dec 27th, 2010
Didn't pick it up, I have Comcast caller ID on TV and looked on here. BTW, with Comcast phone/TV you have a record of the calls, so I can report with documentation if needed.
 Oct 07th, 2010
Called twice today with no message. We recently stayed at a Hilton Hotel which is probably why they are bugging us now. Lesson learned. Never give your real phone number!
 Jul 12th, 2010
They called three times today and left no message. I'm a Hilton Rewards member so am assuming this is a sales call. At first I was worried that someone was in an emergency situation trying to call us from a hotel. Bad form Hilton.
 May 18th, 2010
It is definatley a Hilton Telemarketing call.
 Feb 11th, 2010
After missed (hangup) calls, called them, asked why they werre calling a number on the do-not-call list, Rather snarky reply that if I had stayed at a Hilton and provided a phone number, they could do so. Told them that maybe the last person having that number had stayed at a Hilton; no excuse for that one on their part. They are also using 702/699-7902
 Feb 01st, 2010
They have been calling me every other day or so, too! WHo are they? Selling something, I'm sure, but I will not ever answer!
 Oct 27th, 2009
No one was on the line when I answered
 May 12th, 2009
I've actually gone on the vacation - the presentation is 3 hours - not two. but other than that - everything was legit. we had a great time and it was free. room was awesome! salespeople weren't unbearable.
 May 05th, 2009
I just called them and hit the number 2 and they remove u from the list and give you a conf number
 Apr 25th, 2009
They called while I was out and didn't leave a voice mail. I have never stayed at a Hilton, so there is no way they could have a legitimate business relationship with me. If they call and I talk to them, they are going to be reported as I am on the DNC list.
 Apr 10th, 2009
I have had no legitimate business with this company period. They are flaunting the "Do Not Call" law and should be reported.
 Apr 09th, 2009
Repeated calls to my work mobile number over the last 2 weeks. This is disturbing to me as a Hilton Gold member since I already specifically requested TWICE to be on their Hilton Grand Vacations Do Not Call list, and Hilton confirmed it...and then chose to reverse my request. A while back, they were calling me from FL number 407-532-3791. In May 2008, it was from 407-722-3532. Now, the calls are coming from this new Las Vegas area number.
 Apr 06th, 2009
Folks, calm down. They work with or for Hilton, a legit company. You probably had legitimate business with them in last year so it is legal because they DO 'have a relationship with you and me'. Just call the number back during the day, listen to menu, then hit prompt 2 and politely ask to be taken off their call list. They aren't selling nuclear waste. Calm down.
They will remove you, confirm your name is associated with the number, and then they give you a confirmation number. Takes 3 days to remove you from list.
 Mar 04th, 2009
We have gotten phone calls from this number with the caller ID "Hilton Grand Va" for two nights in a row. I'm glad to have discovered this website, now I know!
 Feb 27th, 2009
Feels like a scam. Have to give them a commitment now or forget it. They want your credit card number and a deposit. Yah, right.

Please don't fall for this. Hang up.
 Feb 17th, 2009
two cheap nights in Vegas, but you have to go attend 2 hour presentation for vacation timeshare
 Feb 02nd, 2009
Go to Hilton.com and click on Contact Us. Leave a message letting them know that they are getting a rep as a filthy spammer, and maybe they'll stop their program.
 Jan 12th, 2009
Wish they'd STOP calling!!!
 Jan 12th, 2009
Figured it was a solicitation call so I didn't answer. They left no message.
 Dec 22nd, 2008
They call several times a day every day for a week or so. I never pick up, they never leave a message. It is annoying!
 Dec 16th, 2008
Called my cell phone 3 times now... I didn't answer, they left no voicemail.
 Dec 08th, 2008
Received a call tonight around 7pm from 702-616-7396. Caller ID said HILTON GR VACAT. My husband took the call -- it was from a salesperson at Hilton Grand Vacations Company trying to sell a time share by offering a trip to Vegas or Hawaii for a small fee paid in advance. Offer must be used within one year and you pay for airfare. Five nights in a Hilton Hotel, free car, $500 spending money, etc. are included if you will agree to listen to a 2 hr. sales pitch once there. Tried to get more info by mail or email and they finally sent an email after calling us a second time. They called back a third time (same night) to see if we were interested in buying. Sales person and email were very unprofessional. Sounded like a scam. My husband had a fun time egging them on but we finally said we weren't interested. I am a Hilton reward member and will call them tomorrow to complain.
 Dec 04th, 2008
They unknowingly left a message on my work voicemail. They knew me by name, but they didn't indicate who they were.
 Nov 26th, 2008
called my cell tonight. very pushy trying to get me to purchase an 'affordable' vacation
 Nov 25th, 2008
I was called 5x in the past 2 weeks, evenings, no message. I'm relieved to have found this website. I recently booked some hotel rooms via internet (not Hilton). How did they get my cell phone #, which I never give out?
 Nov 21st, 2008
Called twice in the same day; no message left.
 Nov 20th, 2008
No message left, calls often. If you enter sweepstakes your phone # will be sold and these calls will never stop!
King James
 Nov 19th, 2008
Hilton Grand Vacations.
Customer Care is 1-800-482-0047
 Nov 15th, 2008
This week I have received numerous calls from the following #'s 603-627-6459, 062-222-0572, 062-297-0204, 702-616-7396, 603-610-6500. I am on the do not call list. These calls started about 11-08-2008 and are continuing everyday.
 Nov 15th, 2008
My phone number is listed on the "do not call list" but apparently Hilton Grand Vacations do not follow the rules.
 Nov 11th, 2008
Time share solicitation
J. Whale
 Oct 04th, 2008
Got a call today from this number, but I wasn't home. They didn't leave a message with my family.
 Oct 03rd, 2008
I got calls from 702-616-7396 twice a day
 Oct 01st, 2008
Judging from the other contributors, it looks to be a spam call from Hilton as I am a member of their hotel program. However I did indicate that I did not wish to receive any solicitations via phone, e-mail or postal service so the HILTON Honors program will be receiving a call from me asking to cease.
 Sep 29th, 2008
Got calls from this number. My number has been on the "National Do Not Call Registry" for some time now so I filed a complaint. I encourage others to do the same... register your number and file the complaint.
 Sep 11th, 2008
I didn't take the call, but have received several calls from this number.
 Aug 08th, 2008
They keep calling me. I let it go to voice mail
 Dec 28th, 2007
Telemarketing from Hilton Vacations
 Dec 27th, 2007
As with everyone else I know people have to make a living but not on my cell phone minutes. Hiton has more money than me so what the hell do they want?
 Dec 22nd, 2007
I am a Hilton Rewards Member myself, if this is their idea of one of the *Perks* I am not thrilled. I for one do not need this kind of *spam* calling!
 Dec 18th, 2007
I told them the wrong phone number, and they've never called back. :)
 Dec 10th, 2007
Used come come up Hilton Grand VA, now unavailable
 Dec 07th, 2007
Just because I want friends and call your cell doesn't mean you have to be rude to me.
Paris Hilton
 Dec 05th, 2007
I told them I would kick their ass if they kept calling my cell phone. They hung up and never called back. Been 3 weeks now.
 Dec 05th, 2007
I never answered. I don't know why any Hilton would call me since I never stayed at a Hilton, have not signed up for any offers online, or done anything of the sort. I just ignore it.
 Dec 05th, 2007
They've been calling 3 times a week for the past 2+ months. We don't answer the phone and they don't leave a message. We've never stayed at a Hilton or 1 of their chains and have no desire to. We're now starting to file reports on the Do Not Call Registry since we're listed. Hope everyone does!
 Dec 04th, 2007
left no message on ans machine. Glad I checked here.
 Dec 02nd, 2007
Phone rang twice; when I picked up, there was no one there. This of course is a sure sign of a telemarketer. Memo to telemarketers: Hey, Sparky, if you want to talk to me, try BEING THERE WHEN I PICK UP AND SAY "HELLO."
 Nov 27th, 2007
The nerve of Hilton to be calling me after I just had the worst experience with them after a recent stay. This 702-616-7396 has called me three times a day for over a week. I'm so thankful you have this website ID them. I am a HILTON HONORS MEMBER & used my points for a stay. I cannot believe after what I just went through w/ them they have the audacity to call me for a vac pkg. THE UNPROFESSIONAL SERVICE I RCVD ON THEIR 800# HILTON HONORS number with a representative who was supposed to assist me, their client--was just horrific. I wish I knew who to contact for issues like this, to make them aware & hopefully correct the behavior so that we travelers can receive great cust. svc. in the future.
 Nov 21st, 2007
Didn't answer. Didn't leave a message.
 Nov 19th, 2007
And oh yes.

Congratulations on being NY Timed.
 Nov 15th, 2007

I recently stayed at a Hampton Inn. My mistake. Next time I will give them a phone number for a time signal.

Thank you for this service. It helps solve mysteries.
 Nov 15th, 2007
Many calls, finnally picked up but no answer.
 Nov 10th, 2007
Called my cell phone trying to sell Vegas Vacations.Call appears to have come from "Hilton Grand Vacation Club". Website that matched the phone number is: http://www1.hilton.com/en_US/hi/index.do
 Nov 07th, 2007
They have called 3 times in the last 24 hours. I answered today and there was no one on the line.
 Nov 03rd, 2007
Hang ups from that number almost everyday!!
 Oct 31st, 2007
Every week night for the last 2 weeks between 7:00 pm and 7:30 pm we are getting this call and there is nothing there.
 Oct 31st, 2007
These people call every day, never say a word and then hang up. If I could afford it I would flyer there and smack the stupid out of them!!!
 Oct 31st, 2007
 Oct 30th, 2007
Called back the number. A recorded message now says to "press option 2 to be removed from the list" so I did that, spoke with a live operator who was very polite and added me to the Do Not Call list.
Henry Kim
 Oct 25th, 2007
Hilton Vacations - crazy!
Al S.
 Oct 23rd, 2007
They call every couple of days. I called 1 800-230-7068, typed 3 for other options and asked the operator to remove my number and address from their list. They complied (for the next 5 years)!!
 Oct 23rd, 2007
I got two calls within one hour but didn't answer. Very annoying
 Oct 23rd, 2007
Getting calls now too.

The usual reason for hangups in these operations is that they dial many numbers almost simultaneously. If one gets answered they hang up on the others.

That keeps the call center productive and the answerers unproductive - its worse if you are the winning call and actually talk to someone.
 Oct 22nd, 2007
direct tv gave my # out!!
shiney mcshine
 Oct 22nd, 2007
Hilton Grand VA has called me from the 702-616-7396 number every day for the past 3 days. When I answer, they just hang up. Glad I found this site, because I was beginning to wonder if my husband had a GF staying at the Hilton, as they keep hangin up on me. ROLTL
 Oct 21st, 2007
Time share sales, they give you a "discount" vacation, all you have to do is sit thru a 2 hr sales pitch for a time share.

Offer for $199 for 2 nights in Vegas!! Sorry, not interested. Then they lowered it to $99. Nope, sorry, I'm on the east coast, not exactly convenient. Oh, they've got 4 nights in Orlando for $199!!! No, go away.
David A.
 Oct 20th, 2007
Got a call from this same number. It said Hilton Grand VA on my caller ID. Did not answer and no message was left. I am NOT a Hilton Rewards member.
 Oct 10th, 2007
They keep calling and calling and left no messages, finally I picked up the phone. I was someone selling timeshares. They told they were calling from Hilton Honors members, asked to be remove from list, will let you know if they call back
 Oct 06th, 2007
Called and hung up.
 Oct 03rd, 2007
I have had about 10 calls, always in the evening. I have not answered any.
 Oct 03rd, 2007
I got many calls from
(702)616-7396. The caller id reads Hilton Grand VA. No message,of course!
I tried to block these
Ass-waads, and my own telephone service was useless. I don't know who is worse, the idiots making the calls or the telephone service. Either way, knock yourself out and call all you want, you'll never get me to pick up.
 Oct 02nd, 2007
My called id says "Hilton Grand Va" and I have been recieving calls almost everyday. I am a HHonors member and their "terms & conditions" page clearly states that they cannot guarantee that members won't be bombarded by calls from third partys !!!
What a bunch of unethical morons.
 Oct 02nd, 2007
Am a HHonors Rewards Member. Brother-in-law just gifted us a week at one of their resorts in Orlando. Magically I am now getting calls within a week.
I sent an email to www.Hhonors@Hilton.com to advise them of this issue and posted the link to this page in my text.
 Sep 27th, 2007
how can we stop them!
 Sep 25th, 2007
They call all the time. DO NOT ANSWER
 Sep 25th, 2007
Probably Hilton or Hampton Inns.
 Sep 22nd, 2007
Has called me several times. I never answer and they never leave a message. How do I make it stop?
 Sep 18th, 2007
I work for this company, it is not a scam. Great deal for anyone.
 Sep 13th, 2007
These dorks keep calling and a few times I've answered and no one seems to be on the other line so I hang up. They've never left a message but they continue to call...very annoying!
Annoyed in CA
 Aug 18th, 2007
Went to Voicemail - did not leave a message.
 Aug 11th, 2007
Answered call and once I learned that Hilton was spamming again, hung up. A quality organization wouldn't do this to their (formerly) loyal customers.
 Aug 01st, 2007
I received a call to my cell phone from this number and they did not leave a message.
 Jul 21st, 2007
This number calls me at least once a day and have been calling for at least 2 weeks. I've never answered, but it is Hilton Grand Vacations. I occasionally stay at the Hampton Inn, which is a property of Hilton. But this isn't right for them to call and harass me, or anyone, this much.
 Jul 20th, 2007
Hilton is sinking to the level of telenuisance scum bags. I stayed at a Hampton Inn (Hilton owns the brand name), and that is how they got my tel number. The Hampton Inn name has been going down hill ever since Hilton purchased it from Promus Hotels. Promus would never ever break guest confidentiality and use a personal tel number to telemarket. Hilton Hotels are scumb bags. I notice also that Hampton Inns are becoming crap holes, just like other motels. Hilton is slowly destroying what was the leading name in lodging in Ameerica. Hilton has now even sunk to new lows of selling their guests' private phone numbers.
 Jul 20th, 2007
I called back and told them my number was on a state no call list and to make sure I was removed from future marketing, they took my number and said no problem.
 Jul 10th, 2007
sounds like a time share sales pitch. I asked to be put on the do not call list and was told it would be taken care of in a day.
 Jul 10th, 2007
hang up
 Jul 07th, 2007
These jerks call me even though I visited HIlton about 10 years ago. They suck. The nerve of them! I should complain directly to the sharholders of HIlotn, but this is faster.
 Jul 07th, 2007
Got a call today.
 Jul 05th, 2007