These debt collection assholes will not go away. Here is their contact information should anyone else want to send the same information and bitches that I do to the owners of this inept group.

Their contact information is: Michael L. Feeney, President and Mark Gutierrez, Operations Manager; Allied Collection Services, Inc. aka-dba A.C.S. Management, LLC.; 3080 South Durango Drive, Suite 208, Las Vegas, Nevada 89117-9194; Tel: 702-737-5506, 702-946-8465, 702-393-8383, 702-932-1258, 888-784-9576 and Fax: 702-737-5507; Email: and Web:

Everyone might want to look at the Rip-Off report on how these assholes try to screw anyone whether a debt is owed or not which has not even been verified in order to collect fraudulently from the unsuspecting public.

I lodge my complaints with the SEC on the DNC website ( just in case the public does not have this information at their fingertips. I lodge the following comments when I submit my debt collector asshole complaints as follows: Your group violated the Telemarketing and/or Debt Collection Act & I demand payment from your group for each violation; which has been more than 10± times & is recorded on the “Do Not Call” me list; at $11,000.00 per violation & making such threatening calls your group has violated the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. As amended by Public Law 104-208, 110 Stat. 3009 (Sept. 30, 1996). Your group deliberately violated my rights per N.R.S. §649.332 & per N.R.S. §649.115(4), failures to the verification of any supposed debt. Cease your unlawful acts to collect which is well beyond the 2 year statute of limitations. The FDCPA prohibits groups like yours from calling me repeatedly before 8 am & after 6 pm & more so from calling me on Sunday’s! I demand payment for each violation at $11,000.00 per incident & make your $110,000.00 payment payable to (list your name here) and mail it to (list your mailing address here), ASAP.

I hope this information helps the public-at-large who finds themselves being bombarded by these debt collector assholes.
 Jul 12th, 2014