699-000-7845 is a fake number. 699 is a fake area code. This caller is attempting to perpetrate fraud. The woman spoke with a heavy accent, perhaps Haitian, or Dominican Republic (?) maybe. She said I had an outstanding debt to Chase Bank for almost $11,000, which is not true. I have never had any account with Chase, and am current on what few debts I have (mortgage, son's college loan). She said if I would pay $600 by Western Union the debt would be considered paid in full. I played along for a few minutes, to discover that she wanted my full name, city of birth, date of birth, father's full name and SSN, mother's maiden name and SSN, my SSN.
This call was on March 8th 2013. I reported the incident in detail to the police. They notified me today, March 22nd, that the phone company has no record of any call to my number from 699-000-7845, and no record of any call to my number at the time I stated in my report. So not only can these criminals fake the phone number, they can even fool (or hack) the phone company records.
The police told me that anybody can buy equipment to forge caller ID data, for about $100. I don't understand, given the massive amount of phone fraud that happens these days, why our government does not mandate that the phone companies MUST make it difficult or impossible to fake the caller ID data.
D. Fairmont
 Mar 22nd, 2013