You have two solutions to deal with this problem.
1) Speak to a customer service representative. Pretend to be interested in either lowering your credit card interest rate or a car warranty. DO NOT GIVE THEM ANY REAL INFORMATION. Give them a fake credit card number, a fake name, and a fake SS#. Tell them you own a Ferrari, or a 1937 Dodge (however, if you really own one of those two, tell them you own a Buick).

Your goal is simple. Keep them on the phone for as long as possible. You want to learn as much as you can about which company is calling you. These scam artists hide behind several corporate entities. There are several registered in Georgia, and at least 20 different companies registered in Florida. All are owned by the same people. Also, the time you waste means them have less time to steal from someone who is unknowledgeable about their scams. They get paid to rip people off. Take away their time, and they make no money!

2) Read Jack's comments above, and file a report with the Federal Communications Commission. They will investage. Also, you may also contact your state's Attorney General office. Look for the last link under Jack's post to see the impact your actions can have.

3) Call the real phone numbers: VP Marketing is listed in their help wanted advertisements under 678-238-1351. Versadebt's owner is Marvin Cox Jr. He listed 678-569-0620 as the company phone number with the Articles of Incorporation with the Georgia Department of State. This is all public information.
 Jun 25th, 2008