Unknown caller---kids heard in background. I never said a word and then they hung up. On DO NOT CALL list for YEARS yet they keep calling. Don't know anyone in Georgia.
 Dec 01st, 2014
I have received two calls from this party within a week, each time no message is left. I do not know this number and do not know who is calling. Through research I see it's a land line. If the person cannot leave a message or identify himself, they should stop calling. Also if this is a solicitation call, I'm on the no call list so they needn't bother me.
Sally Parkin
 Jan 06th, 2014
Woman asks for the owner by first name. I state he is not here. She says, "is there another owner I can speak to?" I state no.
I ask what is this regard she will only state this it is a "private business matter."
I state that "the owner" will not want to talk unless he knows what this is.
She states she will call back another time.
I reiterate that "the owner" is not going to talk to her unless I can tell him what it is.
She re-states that she will call back at a better time when he is available.
I hang up.
 Oct 11th, 2013
800notes.com reports 678 278 9167 number belongs to a merchant type services company
Mr Rogers
 Sep 10th, 2013