Indian man
Kanye west it is his cell phone number ; 661-748-0240@
 Sep 09th, 2019
 Jan 24th, 2019
Third call from this scammer. Purporting to be a Dell representative claiming my computer was sending error messages and he was calling to fix it. Knew my name! Wanted me to let him get on my computer remotely by directing me through the steps to do this. When I called him out and told him he was a scammer and what he did was illegal, he hung up. Surprise.
 Jun 30th, 2015
Scumbag has called twice and left no messages. Return call could not be completed to Skype User. Blocked.
 May 14th, 2015
called my google number did not answer
Belize Belize
 Feb 21st, 2015
Called and asked where I live so they could come see me. Got me in trouble with the wife as she thought I was getting a booty call. Lol
 Jan 31st, 2015
Woman called the movie theatre I work at using this Skype Caller phone number, hard to understand her, she spoke with a heavy Asian accent. She was wanting to know times and if the movie Annie was showing on Thursday.
 Jan 06th, 2015
Called 12.8.2014, at 12:24 pm. ID said Skype caller. I didn't recognize it, so wouldn't answer it. They left no message.
 Dec 08th, 2014
"Skype caller" with Indian or Pakistani accent claimed to be calling from Dell software department because they had gotten reports that my computer was sending out error messages. He told me to go to my computer and he'd guide me through a fix. I told him that if he'd been calling from Dell, that would have shown up on caller ID and I was not giving him access to my computer. He disconnected before I could finish saying "computer".
 Nov 13th, 2014
Indian dude said his name was Gary from Persistent Solutions - website design and marketing.
 Nov 03rd, 2014
Profane language. Threaten to shoot with AK - something. Little funny. Sick people.
 Oct 12th, 2014
They called on my cell phone. Caller ID said "Palmdale Area". I did not answer. They did not leave a message.
 Oct 09th, 2014
4 October 2014 -- 11:19 am -- They called on my cell phone. Caller ID said "Palmdale Area". I did not answer. They did not leave a message.
 Oct 04th, 2014
They claim to be from Microsoft, and that you have virus problems. Called twice within about 5 minutes. Now on my blocked list.
 Aug 26th, 2014
I called tech service at Epson for help with my printer. I got the phone number from Google. The call was INTERCEPTED by a man with an Indian accent. He sounded familiar, but I dismissed the thought. He pretended to be an Epson technician. He asked for remote access to my computer, which I granted. He sniffed around a minute or two and then said my drivers were corrupted, including the printer driver. He said my computer was too alow also. He said I must have malware and someone was using my IPS to get into my computer. He offered to fix all of this and do a tuneup for 248.99. I bit. I paid with my debit card. After an hour, he called back to say all was fixed and rang off. I tried the computer. It ran slowly just as before and had the same problems with popups. I then connected something. The familiar voice was a guy who called me six months ago, posing to be a technician from Microsoft advising me of terrible problems in my computer. He wanted big money to fix it. I smelled a rat and hung up. He was smoother with me this time, but he's still a rat. I called Epson. They said yes, their tech service number is being intercepted by scams! They are working on the problem. Google is also compromised: that tech service number is the line that gets intercepted.
Rob Kildare
 Aug 09th, 2014
Claimed to be asking for a "Donald" and when told no such person at this number, then said he believed that either myself or the homeowner had a mortgage on our home. Immediately got aggressive when I asked for a company name, which was never provided. Scammer it sounds like. Especially as MY phone number is on the DO NOT CALL REGISTRY!
 Jun 30th, 2014
1:21 PM, SKYPE caller, refused to answer, no message left.
 Jun 20th, 2014
10:13 PM AND 10:16PM
 Jun 18th, 2014
I got this call recently, and they honestly won't leave me alone; they also seem to be tapping into my calls and skype calls between a friend, and adding in very unsettling sounds like playing our own voices in reverse/with a ghostly wisp/or nothing added to it at all, and having it sound like a real voice. And also, they play stuff in the background every five minutes or so that sounds like stuff that belongs in a horror movie. It kind of sounds silly, I know, but it's starting to wear on my nerves.
 Jun 04th, 2014
We love these morons. Kept him on the phone for 15 minutes while we fed a Boot/dir.exe/munchie.gremlin worm into his system. It is a slow growing, undetectable server/hard drive worm, that slowly destroys the boot directory or server activation codes. Only the best hacker will ever find the file where our friendly worm lives. Give it about 6-8 weeks to see if he finds it or his system burns down.
 Jun 03rd, 2014
Didn't answer since I didn't recognize the number. *67'ed the number back, and was told it was a Skype number. I don't know anybody that has a Skype number. After utilizing this website, I am glad I did not answer the phone call.
 Apr 29th, 2014
Didn't answer since I didn't recognize the number. *67'ed the number back, and was told it was a Skype number. I don't know anybody that has a Skype number. After utilizing this website, I am glad I did not answer the phone call.
 Apr 29th, 2014
JB CA you would loose that bet! I live in South Florida and this number calls me at least twice a day. I never answer and they continue to call.
 Apr 28th, 2014
This telemarketing scam calls numbers on the national do not call registry in violation of the Telephone Consumer Protection Act. They refuse to provide a non toll-free phone number when asked, in further violation of the TCPA. They are calling claiming to have a discounted loan offer that I have been pre-qualified for, but they claim they need me to answer a bunch of qualification questions. This is quite clearly a scam, as legitimate lenders do not place unsolicited calls to offer random people loans. Do not provide this scammer with any personal or financial information.
 Apr 22nd, 2014
this man Michael Nathannal Ethans as long history of scamming you out life savings
he has to phone numbers 661-748-0240 & 661-748-0242 he is in Guatemala
he climes to be A computer repairman or priest looking fro donations for Church
Stay way from Him call local Police He now selling
PS thank you for Web sight Frank that's same Guy
 Mar 01st, 2014
this man Michael Nathannal Ethans as long history of scamming you out life savings
he has to phone numbers 661-748-0240 & 661-748-0242
he climes to be A computer repairman or looking fro donations for Church
Stay way from Him call local Police He now selling Ordination he is not in US
despite watts on website he made public denouncing The US
 Mar 01st, 2014
You idiots... This is not one single person calling you, and u probably can't get them to stop calling you by complaining to anyone. This is someone calling your phone from Skype. Skype is a VOiP/ video chat type program, if you've never heard of it, look it up online. So the person calling, could be a random person trying to prank or scam, etc..., or it could be someone that you know trying to reach you. Either way, they have to pay per min. to call you.
 Feb 25th, 2014
I received call from this number left no message first. Until one time when he called I got to answer and the guy just said Hello.. Hello.. . so big voice as if he don't want to talk and I hung up. and when I called back it say cannot be reach coz Skype user . He kept on calling till this pm. at 4:00 pm 2/19/2014. It appears on my phone Palmdale Area. This is not right. Tis is a scam. can somebody solve the problem.
 Feb 20th, 2014
This number called me for the first time at the end of January - beginning of February. I never answered the phone since I didn't recognize the number, but they kept leaving voicemails. They called 10 times during one day, and all their voicemails were just of silence. Then later on in the day, they left three more. One of a man, with a heavy accent, complaining how horny he was. The second voicemail was a guy going off of a rant about committing suicide. And the third was just voices - from multiple people - making strange noises. After superbowl weekend and I blocked the number, I didn't receive anymore calls - until, February 17 they called once leaving another voicemail of silence. Today, the 18th of Feb, I read online that is scam. NOT only the 748-0240 is spam, but 748-0241 is ALSO spam, whatever you do, don't answer the call.
 Feb 18th, 2014
I have had about 10 calls from this number - I never answer and they never leave a message. Tonight I texted back "leave a message". They called back immediately - I didn't answer. They have been calling constantly since. Lovely...I have added fuel to this monster.
 Feb 13th, 2014
This phone number just came on my line and it said Skype number. I answered it and he gave his name and said he was from Microsoft and we bought a product last year for $199., never happened. When I told him I didn't own a computer he told me it was from a laptop or something. I told him again I didn't own a computer because I was blind and he hung up. Beware!
 Feb 11th, 2014
said Skype number, no message
 Feb 05th, 2014
Called looking to serve papers on ex-wife from 27 years ago. Kinda fishy. Skype number
 Feb 04th, 2014
Called me on January 28th, 2014. No message and did not call back.
 Jan 28th, 2014
They called at 6am this morning. They seems to like to call my business phone between midnight and 6am. My answering machine picks it up and they never leave a message. My business isn't open at 6am - what were they thinking.
 Jan 23rd, 2014
This sick caller called me around 1:00 PM on 1-20-2014 and just breathed into the phone. It is the job of all out phone carriers that we pay to trace and go to the source and STOP this very sick human being!!!
 Jan 20th, 2014
I didn't answer and they didn't leave a message.
 Jan 15th, 2014
why do they keep calling from this number?
 Jan 08th, 2014
Called twice at 10:53pm and 11:07pm
Palmdale Area
 Dec 15th, 2013
I got a call a 9:25pm AL time, & 9:27pm. This is the time my sons ex-wife usually calls. It was a recorded sexually message asking questions waking me up. I have asked Karla repeatedly not to call us at this time as we are all sleeping. She has recently learned to use programs like Skype to talk to people. No one else in California calls this number. I hung up on the first call. They called back. I told her when she called the second time that I would be calling the police to tell them that they were harassing us.
 Dec 11th, 2013
Received a call from (661)748-0240 and it was a "scratchy" phone connection. It appeared to be a woman trying to converse with an Asian (foreign) language. Well, I don't speak her language and told her she had the wrong number. She was still saying something in her language as I hung up the phone. What a pain in the ass call!! It is nice though that my caller ID displayed the number so I can do a reverse search of the number as my number is on the Do Not Call Registry and with the info I have, I'll enjoy filing a complaint.
 Dec 04th, 2013
These guys keep bother by calling to advertise or to rape credit cards information.
Thank god they are in my ignorance
Guys be aware
Horus taxi
 Nov 30th, 2013
skype - microsoft support scammer
 Nov 27th, 2013
its just a sand nigga trying to scam car sellers on craigslist. I just saved the number in my phone as CML (camel jockey). so when these CML's call back., i dont answer the phone. I sell about 30 cars per month on CL. I get at least 60 of these sand nigga's calliong me every month. It just goes with the territory. oh well.
curbstone king
 Nov 23rd, 2013
also got a call - no message
 Nov 20th, 2013
Got a call from this number tonight twice....scamming on my craigslist ad I had posted....ugh
 Nov 20th, 2013
They called twice this morning. Whoever it is got us up at 6am PST. The message on our answering machine sounded like the caller left the phone on as he/she went about their business. It was a very long garbled message (couldn't understand a word of what they were saying). After several minutes they hung up. They called back in an hour and left another garbled message.
 Nov 12th, 2013
Got a call from this number tonight, I didn't pick up and they left a couple seconds of background noise. Glad I didn't pick up, please someone stop this scam.
 Nov 10th, 2013
Prank caller from craigs list
 Nov 08th, 2013
Do not ever call my number again and I am reporting your number. You called my address out and new my number!
 Nov 08th, 2013
My best friend who lives in PA has gotten a call from 661-748-0240 yesterday evening around 6 p.m. and this person acted like he's her boyfriend and asking weird questions. When she called me earlier this afternoon @ 1 p.m. filling sick to her stomach. So if you girls are reading this comment give her a call @ this number 7two4-three3eight-2three9one.
 Nov 07th, 2013
I would be willing to bet that EVERYONE who got one of these calls from this number lives in or near the Antelope Valley (Palmdale/Lancaster/etc) California ... The number itself is neither "good" nor "bad" .. it just is one of the many many many local outgoing Skype lines around the country.

Seems that many people are **clueless** about how Skype works ... they take a call from a Skype user's PC and route it through the internet instead of the phone companies ... at the receiving end they either connect to a Skype account on your computer (if you are a Skype user) or if you are not using Skype then they transfer it to a real LOCAL phone which functions just like a big business "trunk line" where all the calls go out of the building with the same number.

This particular 661 number is the trunk line for pretty much ALL Skype calls in the Palmdale area and the calls that go through it could be anything from loveable relatives to hateable scammers to plain old wrong numbers. I just plug this number in my cell contacts list as "SKYPE" and let whoever is calling leave me a message. If it is a friend/relative I call them back, otherwise I just ignore it. I don't blame Skype because someone misuses their services.
 Nov 05th, 2013
My friend called me from Vietnam via Skype. Shows up as this #. It's an adult group traveling.
 Oct 22nd, 2013
This number just called me saying mommy where are u (in a kids voice)!! I said sorry wrong number.. Then this computer u can tell a computer was talking saying smoking is bad for u then i heard coughing of an older guy then i hung up. And i looked at the caller id and i didnt recognize the area. And seems that this guy is sending out spamming and hacking peoples laptops and info so make sure you block this person
 Oct 18th, 2013
My mother got a call from this number. The girl claimed to be my niece. She said the was in Peru and had been arrested and needed $15,000.
 Oct 17th, 2013
Says he is attempting to confirm my info, he has to serve me court papers for small claims court. I am being sued.
Why call
? Bring the papers. SCAM... do not answer this number.
 Oct 16th, 2013
This number has called my daughter's phone and spoke to her for 75, 21, 62 minutes. I have no idea who they are.
 Oct 15th, 2013
this number called, left a voicemail but it was just background noise- like a 'butt' dialing...
Doesnt Matter
 Oct 15th, 2013
9th number calling me since the government shutdown. 9th number that my Nokia Lumia has now been assigned to block. Government shutdown affecting the DoNotCall registry, I suspect.
 Oct 14th, 2013
My buddy calls me from out of the country on skype all the time. It always shows up as palmdale area
 Oct 13th, 2013
The same as people here, received a call this morning but I must have gotten at least one of them before because it was on my block list already and my phone just gave me a little chime to let me know, after reading most of these post (Microsoft)does ring a bell.....Sad Sad world full of evil people..
 Oct 06th, 2013
They claimed I won a drawing from a nearby shopping center. She could barely speak English. I hung up.
 Oct 04th, 2013
Turned out this was my husband calling me via Skype.
 Sep 25th, 2013
Received a call from this number. I accidentally answered thinking it was a number I was waiting to hear from (also a California number). The young woman spoke with such an accent that I had no idea what she said. I just hung up on them and then blocked the number. After reading the reports here, I realized that she probably said Microsoft. Funny thing is, my daughter is my computer tech and does all my work for me for security etc as she is a computer programmer and networking expert. If I got a virus I would ask her to fix it, not allow someone I had no clue who it was to access my machine and obtain my personal information. Beware of spammers, scammers, and phishers.
Just Me
 Sep 20th, 2013
This morning got 2 calls from this number when I answer no respond, I hang up.
 Sep 20th, 2013
I don't think I will receive another call from these scammers again. Think I'm about to be blacklisted. It was a Microsoft tech letting me know my computer has a terrible virus. I told him I don't own a computer but my husband has a laptop..well guess what? The virus jumped from my imaginary computer and into my husband's. I acted shocked. But this helpful MS rep was about to help me. (Indian accent) I acted elated. First I had to go get my computer..Can you hold I asked. He said yes. I pretended to go get my hubby's laptop. Ok. got the laptop, what do I do? He said go to the start button. I said it's shut off and closed. How do you turn it on? He said open it. I asked, how do you open it, from the front or the back. I said it's square...after 15 minutes he helped me figure out how to open it. Now turn it on he said. I asked, which button? It has a lot of buttons some are letters and numbers, I started naming all the keys of the alphabet and the number pad - one by one slowly....half an hour goes by. I can hear his frustration. I'm still nameing the keys one by one, he tries to talk over me, but I keep going, then I say, oh you messed me up, let me go back and start again...50 minutes pass and he hangs up. My job is done. I had tons of fun!
 Sep 13th, 2013
I have got calls from the same caller before- thick indian accent with south indian accent tune, hhorrible prunciation. Says onsene, sexual, crude things. Definately seems like a sex pevert or person with an undervdevloped brain and or of no social and educational background.

IF someone know who this is, would like to report to police for obscene behviour
 Sep 13th, 2013
Says that my home "qualifies" (I don't own a home) for "free Solar panels" and that they will give me "free installation" as part of a "government program that is being initiated."
I call BULLS**IT! Hang up on them! Don't waste you time! They keep calling even though my phone is listed under DO NOT CALL National Registry. They have called from three other phone numbers too. Scam SCAM SCAM alert!!!!
 Sep 11th, 2013
I really appreciate reading the comments below. This is a Middle Eastern sounding voice. Claiming he is from Microsoft. Unfortunately, he got into my computer. I had to "restore to a former time" on my computer to get rid of him. I reported same day to my bank and have lost no money. He called again. I told him do not call and hung up. I have other Skype callers without an ID and so will answer, but, I will not be pished again.
 Sep 08th, 2013
claimed his name was andrew smith. looking to confirm owner of my cell. fortunately wrong name.
no name
 Sep 05th, 2013
This is the second time this phone number calls and leave no message and no id.
 Aug 28th, 2013
I had posted things about my lost dog and this number called saying it was from a lost dog agency. They wanted my name I said no thank you and hung up. I also blocked the number.
 Aug 27th, 2013
This is the number Skype uses when a Skype user calls a landline phone from their computer or in my case an iPhone. My father called me twice today using Skype from his iPhone in preparation of a cruise up the West Coast to Canada, where phone fees are exorbitant if using 4g, but pennies if using Skype through wi-fi. The caller ID shows this number both calls. I believe the term is Skype-Out.
 Aug 25th, 2013
I received a call from this number on the main line at my office. The caller, an Indian or Pakistani sounding man, asked for a "Paul Carrington." I told him nobody by that name works here and he hung up.

A couple months ago, I had received multiple calls from an unregistered Skype account 661-748-0240), also asking for Mr. Carrington. I have no idea who he is and I believe these calls are a phishing attempt.
 Aug 21st, 2013
Received a message from this number on my cell last night. When I called my voice mail, I got a short message from a man with an (Indian I think) accent. Couldn't even understand it. I don't even give my number out to that many people. They may just be going through a list of numbers in numerical order.
Liz P.
 Aug 02nd, 2013
this Asian decent man relentlessly keeps calling me asking to have access to my P.C. to fix a virus he says I have. Wants a credit card number to charge 95 dollars... he is a fraud and if he gains access he will steal all your info and credit card numbers and your private information.. contact your local police department and file a complaint.
Mrs. V.
 Jul 31st, 2013
they asked me to confirm my name. They had it correct and then the call was lost.
 Jul 25th, 2013
Said he was a Microsoft engineer and that I had a CSRSS.exe virus on my computer. Had my cell phone number and knew my computer ID. Wanted me to follow his directions on my computer. Had Indian accent. I insisted on a number to call him after I checked them out. Gave me 888-448-2887. When I called it the next day to see what they would answer, they obviously knew who I was from caller ID and answered appropriately. I hung up. A few minutes later I received a call back from 661-748-0240 inquiring about my call a few minutes earlier.
 Jul 09th, 2013
He was responding to my LOST DOG ad on Craigslist. Asking for a reward and stating he would shoot my dog in the head if I didn't meet him with money. Claimed he lived in Columbia, SC.
 Jun 27th, 2013
(661) 748-0240 & 916-743-7108
Keeps waking me up at night!! Its a stupid bitch telling me that I have to pay a fine cuz I been smoking in my front lawn!! I told the bitch I smoke crack and fuck a chick on my front lawn cuz I dont give a fuck( I knew it was a prank call).. She keeps it up Imma pay whitepages to trace her and rape her with her own phone!! Stupid bitch if your reading this find yourself a job!! or at least have phone sex with me when you call!! lol.. dumb hoe
 Jun 27th, 2013
People if you post something on craigslist or other website with phone number please do it like this 6one92three5eight8ninefour. They will try to scam you with their skype # ending 41!! If they harrass you , thats a felon and you can report it to the law so they can retrace them. Dont be afraid its just bad kids and scammers!!
scam police
 Jun 27th, 2013
Its a skype number. Tried retracing it and it was from palmdales.. Idk.. It sounded some kids trying to prank call so I threaten them saying stupid thinks like rape their mother and sister. lol. exchange few words then they hang up!!
 Jun 27th, 2013
Someone from this number threatened to break my kneecaps if I didn't stop messing with someone named Cody. I know no such person. Call came at 12:41 Central time, 41 minutes past midnight.
Dixon Hayes
 Jun 20th, 2013
This number is used by Skype for calls from computers to mobile phones.
 Jun 16th, 2013
There is a man who calls himself Jonathan who uses this number looking for pit bulls and says he fights them.
 Jun 15th, 2013
That identical number called my cell twice. Didn't answer. Then they called our (private/unlisted) home # and "faked" my in-laws family name to appear on our caller ID, as being the caller???
I recognized the same # and still didn't answer!
Where/How did they find that very unusual last name (of my in-laws), and made it appear on our home caller ID? NO IDEA!!!
Now I read all these scam stories/problems: Skype users, etc... BEWARE, DO NOT ANSWER!!!
 Jun 15th, 2013
hung up on ans machine
 Jun 11th, 2013
Received a call
 Jun 10th, 2013
she had a Europe accent. called me by a name i never heard of and threatened "to do bad things" when i said i did not know the name she was requesting.
 Jun 07th, 2013
Woman with a timid voice asked for my husband by name. I mistakenly thought she said my name & she said "No, (husband's name).". I told her he was at work & asked to take a message... she hung up abruptly.
MD Mom
 Jun 03rd, 2013
Called my cell twice I did not answer, they did not leave message
missouri person
 May 26th, 2013
I was looking for our lost puppy, so I put a message on Sacramento, CA craigslist. I didn't spell out my phone number as I should a call from this number after midnight, guy said he thought he had my dog, and there was something wrong with it, like it had been ran over, then said it was actually him that ran it over,that it was making horrible sounds because it was hurt, and that it was irritating, so that he was going to kill it. I tried to beg him to let us come pick the puppy up so we could take it to a 24 hour emergency vet place, and that we didn't care who ran the poppy over, then he hang up on me...What a sicko!
 May 24th, 2013
I didn't pick up. Googled the number skype scam...
 May 21st, 2013
called my work number, i answer with my name, and gentleman with an accent responds hi hello i'm looking for 'xxx" andjust repeats my name that I have already stated then hangs up
 May 16th, 2013
Told me he was from Microsoft and that my computer was infected with a virus.
 May 15th, 2013
Google the number, appears to be a year-old scam...
 May 04th, 2013
I received a call from 661-748-0241 notice the 41 at the end.I know this number is different but I think it is the same scam. I just joined Skype a week or so ago. Like some of you I made the mistake of answering the phone. The good news is the area I am in has poor phone service and the call was dropped
a few seconds after I answered. I can not be sure but it looks like to me the people that are doing this have added a new number to there phone line.
 Apr 25th, 2013
No message left on answering machine
 Apr 24th, 2013
I didnt pick-up.

skype user
 Apr 23rd, 2013