So this past monday (12/2/13) at around 9:30am I got a call from 650-492-4332. It was a woman, who when I asked her reason for the call & where she was calling from. She said ahea was caling from florida & said the call was regarding helping me to get back into school. She then said she got my info from the internet when I filled out a form saying I was interested in enrolling back In school. I told her I wasnt interested in going back to school & I never actually filled anything out about school at all. She tried to convince me it would benefit me to make me more marketable. Once again I said no thanks & hung up.that was monday morning,
I got 2 more calls that day & have gotten 2 to 3 calls everyday. Its now Thursday & ive gotten a total of 11 calls. Finally I called the # back after the 10th call. It went to a recording that said since I called back ive qualified for a $25,000 prize, & for me to take a couple minutes to answer a few questions & take a survey. So I hung up. All it is, is a telemarketing call from a cell phone. Its just irritating as hell when I have gotten 2 or 3 calls a day for 4 days now. From what ive read it seems that
650-492 #'s are originally from mountain view & other people too have gotten weird calls from 492 #,s as well. Id say juat dont answer it, then maybe you wont get a bunch of unwanted calls after. Good luck & if you do or have gotten a call post a message!!! THOSE FUCKERS!!!
 Dec 06th, 2013