This one might be legitimate. Here in NC we are facing a vote on an amendment to the state constitution. I can understand pollsters for both sides trying to get a feel for voter sentiment. If they call again while we're home, I'll answer this one.
And if it's really a telemarketer in disguise, I'll update this page. The vote is May 8, so if I haven't added any notes by then, it was a legitimate call after all.
 May 01st, 2012
At first, I get a call from 702-558-5677, which presents 'Opinion Poll' on my caller ID. I activate call rejection against that area code and prefix. Then, I get a call from (646)-558-5677, which also presents 'Opinion Poll' on my caller ID. This means that it is so crystal clear that these are telemarketing hucksters that just want to keep hounding people. They have nothing better to do than intrude into other people's business! They are disgusting! They will NEVER be speaking to me, and I will make it impossible for them to ever reach me, since I have caller ID. I will also be reporting them. These hucksters, scam telemarketers, and fools should GET LOST!
 Mar 28th, 2012
Left no message--just dead air.
 Feb 17th, 2012