631-243-0120... The same guy called and told me the same thing... he said he was getting back to me about some concrete cleaner and weed killer and I told him I was not interested and not in the position to order things like that for my company and did not want it for myself... He said he would send me a sample of it but i would not be charged for until the next month if I liked it and was asking for an address and other personal information (which I did NOT give him)... I hung up on him and then an hour later he called back several times from the same number and I also had a few restricted numbers call as well and I'm guessing it was the same guy calling and blocking the number to try to get me to answer... WOW he is calling again right now... this is ridiculous... has anyone else had this problem or even ordered the product he claims to be selling or received any samples?? I was jw
 Mar 21st, 2014
This guy called and said he was "getting back to me" he is trying to sell some sort of cleaning chemicals. I manage an apartment complex and get calls like this a lot but this guy was rude as hell. I told him he was not getting back to me as I had never talked to him before and we did not do any business with him. He was very pushy and said he sent me a catalog and "someone form my company responded to that". I am the only one who answers the phone and/or gets the mail. When I explained this to him he said in a very rude voice "LISTEN TO ME... I AM IN CHARGE" he then immediately hung up on me.
 Feb 11th, 2014