Fred: My advice for a ''not me'' case can be found here, in a comment from 29 August 2012:
877-305-2082) http://whocalled.us/lookup/877-305-2082

Upset: The federal Do-Not-Call registry exists to help enforce the Telemarketing Sales Rule. Please note the operative term ''marketing''. A debt collector is not a sales person. Here are the DNC service terms you were supposed to review at registration time:

Q&A: The National Do Not Call Registry
 Oct 27th, 2012
Ok, RMS also has a 800-932-2851 and on their phone (630)657-5054 extension #144, you get Mitch Roberts according to a message I received on my cell phone and I am not the person they want.....they say Shada Green (mumbled the first name).........real pain.
 Oct 26th, 2012
Recovery Management Services and now his name is Mitch Roberts and he also calls from 630-657-5054 asking for Shada Green, who ever that is.
 Oct 26th, 2012
This company is RMS collections. They use the local phone company of Ovation Communications for their land line. The website for RMS is: http://www.rmsna.com/ Send a letter of complaint, or fill out the form to complain! I did!
Henry G.
 Aug 11th, 2011
This RMS place keeps calling my father's number for someone that doesn't live here or exist he is on the do not call list and a senior citizen, but they just WON'T stop calling. So made a complaint with the Do Not Call registry. Hope that will work. These people are relentless! good luck to everyone being harrassed by these sharks! (name withheld for privacy)
 Aug 11th, 2011
I found her.

Her name is Cynthia Davis-Means from RMS and here is her Facebook page:


It looks like she might learn not to harass people anymore.
 Jul 30th, 2009
This number belongs to someone who works for a Collection agency. Probably one of those companies that go out and 'purchase' debts supposedly owed to companies, and they pay pennies on the dollar to aquire these debts, and then find the people who allegedly owe the money and harass them to death. The fact that most of these supposed debts are years old, and the 'debtors' don't even remember details of the accounts don't matter. They will just try to strong arm you into paying a debt that many times was already cleared up with the original company it was owed to. Or perhaps there is a dispute with the original company that was never settled, so the company 'sold'the disputed debt to one of these types of collection agencies. My advice: Don't bother answering the phone because they do NOT want to hear anything except you'll make payment, regardless of whether you really owe the debt or not. Also...check the statute of limitations in your state on owed debt. Many times the statute is about to be up which is why they are being so persistent. If you get a call out of the blue for a debt that is years old, check your states limitations, check the Federal laws in regards to collectors (you are protected)
and do NOT promise to pay until you have all the facts. Don't pay a debt twice just to make them go away. Do not pay on a debt that you were having a dispute with the original company. Determine your rights before you do anything. And do not volunteer information to these people.
fed up
 Mar 14th, 2008