"Richard Lewis" called from this number and asked me to put a note under my neighbor's door! This is the most shameful technique I have ever heard of. (630) 470-6610 630-470-6610 630.470.6610
 Nov 22nd, 2008
The number on caller ID was 630-470-6610. A man left a message as follows: "Laurie [not even my name], this is Freddie Martinez. It's very important that you contact my office at 630-446-7100 [different # than on caller ID] as soon as you get this message. I have to render a decision that's going to be directly concerning you. If you wish to have any say in that decision-making process, Laurie, it's gonna be in your best interest to contact my office as soon as possible."

Naturally, I did a reverse look-up on whitepages.com and saw the carrier was MCIMetro, Ats as others have written. I looked up MCIMetro and it appears they are a communications company (land-lines, internet, maybe cell phones). My guess is that whoever these scammers are, they have bought a s**tload of disposable cell phones with different area codes so they are more difficult to catch. When I looked up the number the guy called from, the carrier was PAC-WEST TELECOMM, INC out of Naperville, IL. That is another communications company specializing in VoIP and calling cards. I'm going to report to the Feds -- bunches of them!
 Nov 21st, 2008