They be sayin they were callin from the Kansas State Troopers. They wanted me to eat a snow cone while on the phone with them. I ain't be havin no snow cones so I ate a waffle then I hung up.
Ralfie Jones
 Dec 11th, 2013
They called my house when we was at work my teenage daughter answered the phone and they asked for craig and she told them there wasn't a craig that lived there they then ased if she was home alone and she told them no and hung up on them. Seems strange to be asking her if she at home alone
 Dec 07th, 2013
they say they on behalf of Kansas State Troopers. But tell you to give them a promise to send money the next day you get it. That you can choose between two packages the Santa clause or Mrs. clause. sounds bogus to me. what yall think.
 Dec 05th, 2013