Caller ID says Cancer Fund. They've called my unlisted phone number about twice a week for a couple of months. I haven't picked up. Today, I picked up. They ask for the woman in the house. Claim they're based out of Tennessee. I told them I have various charities I donate to. She wouldn't listen to me and talked over me. Almost sounded like it may have been a recording since she wouldn't stop talking when I was talking. I asked her not to call again. Said she would put me on the Do Not Call List.
 Mar 31st, 2012
Called me, again...added the number to my block list. But, they have called me on 3 different 617-245-96## numbers, so far.
617-245-9641, 617-245-9695 & 617-245-9666!
 Feb 22nd, 2012
Cancer Fund of America - not a local non-profit, just a call center. Other numbers are 617-245-9641, 617-245-9666. They have been calling us since mid-December. I have asked them to put us on their internal Do Not Call list. They just continue calling. Check the BBB. They do not have a great reputation, most of their donations pay their salaries.
Go Away
 Feb 03rd, 2012
These are all the numbers that have called my house in the past week alone.
All but one, multiple times.
213-550-3111 a political survey and I win a cruise for taking it. I have spoken with the caller directly and requested to be removed from their list
877-202-9821 unavailable on called ID
877-240-6044 unavailable on called ID
630-505-3008 Illinois on the caller ID
617-245-9666 Cancer Fund I asked to be removed
321-305-9999 line was dead
971-217-9515 Lower my interest rate
303-217-1074 line was dead
701-920-9550 line was dead
202-599-8470 line was dead
360-529-6181 line was dead

I am on the Do not call registry. Why are they allowed to call me?
Lisa S.
 Feb 02nd, 2012
This is "Cancer Fund of America" trying to raise money for low income cancer patients. They are not local, they are based in Tennessee. Here is what I found about them:

Here is what I found:

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) is advising consumers to be wary of a Tennessee-based cancer charity, which is giving less than a penny of every dollar raised in direct aid to help people with cancer.

Cancer Fund of America solicits donations across the U. S., including locally, through telemarketers, direct mail and online. The BBB found that more than 99 percent of all cash donations to the organization pay professional fundraising costs, salaries for charity officials, consultant fees and other expenses related to the charity’s operations.

“The large gap between Cancer Fund of America’s cash donations and the portion ultimately benefiting cancer patients should be a concern for every potential donor,” said Paula Fleming, vice president of Communications and Marketing for BBB. “Even when compared to other nonprofits that rely heavily on professional fundraisers, the charity’s record is unsatisfactory and donors should know that only a fraction of their donation will provide any direct benefit to cancer patients or their families.
Sick of It
 Jan 27th, 2012
There is a strange bug (or feature?) in this site's code which makes mixing URLs and quoted text problematic.

It's likely the calls are placed by a commercial fundraiser, such as Associated Community Services, Dial America, Harris, InfoCision, MDS, and TeleFund. Commercial fundraisers sneak in as Do-Not-Call exemptions but do not share the same protection as their clients. The FTC rules say: ''... if a third-party telemarketer is calling on behalf of a charity, a consumer may ask not to receive any more calls from, or on behalf of, that specific charity. If a third-party telemarketer calls again on behalf of that charity, the telemarketer may be subject to a fine of up to $16,000.''

Telemarketing Sales Rule
 Jan 26th, 2012
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Sick of It
 Jan 26th, 2012
Information I posted was cut off and deleted. These calls are from
Sick of It
 Jan 26th, 2012
After several months of calls from their number 617-245-9641, I am now receiving them from this new number, again, calling from Boston. I answered this time and told them that I don't want to give to them and to stop calling. The woman disconnected the call immediately, so I know the calls will not stop.

This is
Sick of It
 Jan 26th, 2012