Market research, legit info gathering to help improve quality of life. It is voluntary.
British Columbia Canada
 Feb 09th, 2019
This is Robert A. Malatest & Associates Ltd.,
613-688-5051 – Kingston, Ottawa, ON
250-386-9909 – Victoria, BC
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an aggressive survey telemarketer. They are kind enough to call you in the afternoon,
or at dinner, or at 8:00 pm. on a Saturday, Sunday, or any other day of the week, to use your paid minutes.
Why not call them back on their toll free number and return the favor.
If you are bored, make a day of it, each call costs them money!
Toll Free Phone:800-665-5848
Ask them for their home numbers, so you can call them back later because you are busy now.

Feel free to use the contact list below to conduct your own survey on privacy.

Robert Malatest
Title: President
Telephone: 250-384-2770
Fax: 250-384-2774

Tara Judge
Title: Manager - Corporate Operations
Area of Responsibility: Administrative Services
Telephone: 250-384-2770
Fax: 250-384-2774

Erin Schowalter
Proposal Manager

Rob Assels
Research Manager - Toronto

Joanne Barry
Research Associate - Victoria

Eleanor Hamaluk
Research Associate - Edmonton

Wayne Hanson
Manager of Survey Operations

Trudy Johnson
Research Associate - Victoria

Heather MacDonald
Research Manager - Victoria

Debbie McLeod
Research Manager - Ottawa

Andreas Rose
Research Manager - Victoria
 Jan 04th, 2012
Jessy wanted to do a survey
 Dec 04th, 2010
 Jun 11th, 2010