If you are a T-Mobile customer, there is an excellent solution. The Samsung T-109 has a blocking feature where you can block an unlimited amount of specific #s. Legal Debt Assistance is the name of the company that is harassing people with their calls, and they call from multiple #s. I plan on getting this phone since I am a T-Mobile customer and blocking every call from the scum company.
 Apr 15th, 2009
They company is NuHavens, LLC and they are registered in Nevada. Their website is - I spoke with a guy named Daniel. They hire attorneys to solve debt problems yet they contract with marketing firms that violate countless telemarketing laws. They have knowledge of the violations by their insistence that you waive your rights to not be called before they speak to you.

Their online data is here,
John Castro
 Mar 17th, 2009
This number has called me over 40 times in three days!!! Every time there is dead air.
 Mar 16th, 2009
...and here's the one everyone knows already:

 Mar 13th, 2009
This database doesn't do as much as reporting directly to the government (ftc, fcc, fbi). is good but they don't do much other than just take notes, although better than here also. :) Here is how to report so do it to all of these gov't organizations if you want this to stop:





These are all direct links to the official complaint forms for the usa government enforcement agencies. Fill them all out everytime you want to make a complaint that matters. Thank you for caring and reading this and I hope it helps you too. :)

-h#7 ;)

>604-621-9731 / 6046219731 Phone Number Details

Caller Name:

Debt Reduction
(According To 21 People)

Caller Type:

(According To 118 People)
Spoofed Numbers: Caution, 604-621-9731 is a "spoofed" number, which means that whoever called you "tricked" your caller ID to display an incorrect phone number. Telemarketers do this so you cannot complain, but they failed... you can still file a complaint here to fight back against unethical telemarketers.
 Mar 13th, 2009
These people called me on my cell phone which I NEVER give to businesses, only family and friends, so I'm sure they're using an auto-dialer. The person on the recording claimed to be "Chris" with "Debt Reduction Service" and said to press "2" to be removed from their list. I did so which, in retrospect, was probably a bad idea. Now they know that my cell number is a valid number. Reported them to the Do Not Call Registry at:
 Mar 12th, 2009
Yea...these douchbags have been calling my cell every week day night between 6:00-7:00 wasting my cell phone minutes! I have talked to 4 people 3 out of the 4 hang up on me right away. 1 person said she would forward my number to be taking off...nothing..these mother fo's keep calling...i filed a complaint with the do not call list & encourage everyone else to.
I agree WILL IT EVER STOP!!! -i have an time they call ...which will be tomorrow fucking night i am going to start talking to them pretending i have debt and try to get info out of them...they suck ass!!!
 Mar 11th, 2009
Somehow these scum sucking Bastar _ 's keep calling between 6:25 pm and 7:25 pm. I have tried the stern direct approach (hung up on !!) The "Hi - how are you approach (hung up on again !!) They just called again and I was near my computer and had to check them out. Always from British Columbia and the number 604 621 9731. Will it ever STOP !! And yes it is to my Cell phone.
 Mar 05th, 2009
I received an unwanted, unsolicited, pre-recorded call from 604-621-9731 purporting to be debt reduction service. This was on my cell phone and I am going to have to pay for this? I am not pleased.
 Mar 04th, 2009
They claim to be offering legal and debt reduction programs per their voicemail. Interesting as I have no debts....furthermore I am on the National Do Not Call List and have had no business with their company for the past 18 months, which puts them in violation of the law in contacting me. Being alleged attorneys, they should that. (Perhaps they will need debt services should they be heavily fined for breaking US DNC laws) I also filed a complaint with
Mt Prospect
 Mar 02nd, 2009
this bastards call me every day - pressing 2 does nothing - pressing 1 gets you a person who says its a problem with the marketing company, and their sorry yeah RIGHT. IM SO PISSED - this is my cell they are calling!
 Feb 26th, 2009
Recorded message offering credit card debit relief with their lawyer. Filed a complaint with
also annoyed
 Feb 24th, 2009

These people "Legal Debt Assistance" have been calling my home EVERY DAY for the last 5 weeks!!! Sometimes twice a day too!! I press "2" to be removed from the list and they keep calling. I speak to a person and they still call! My wife even yelled at them a couple of weeks ago and they still call!!!!!!
 Feb 23rd, 2009
We get this call at least once a day sometimes twice. I press #2 to be removed from the calling list but they continue to call. I finally pressed 1 to speak with someone and as soon as I asked to be removed they hung up on me. My husband did the same and theyt hung up on him too!
 Feb 23rd, 2009
You can report to FCC, "Do Not Call" lists, your Senator, heck, even tell Mr. Obama, but these kooks are breaking the law and don't care and they are getting away with it. What does that say about society in general and attorneys specifically?
 Feb 20th, 2009
left message about securing financial future
 Feb 20th, 2009
Just called tonight as we were eating dinner. left a phone message, part of which said we could press 2 to be removed from there call list. However the message being left was already in mid message once our answering machine started recording. MY really big problem is WHY do I have to press 2 to be REMOVED from there call list. I did not ask them to call.
 Feb 20th, 2009
good point, "nothing they can do about it". in other words they're control freaks.
 Feb 19th, 2009
They just called me on my cellphone.. which is not given OUT ..YES..It was a recorded message.." we can help with Debt" I am glad I read this before I called back to request take off list.
Thank you to everyone, The info you wrote 'HELPED"
 Feb 12th, 2009
OK...a couple of things.
1)If they're using an automatic dialer (which I'm guessing they are), then they don't really know your number. The computer just starts at (for example: 630-000-0000 and goes to 630-999-9999). If you respond, then they have a "live" one.
2) They could be "stealing" the phone number that shows up on caller ID. That's not their number and they are probably in the US or India. But, with technology, they can take a number and have it show up on your caller ID. Many zombie debt collection companies do this.
3) Send letters to your state attorney general; your senators and your congress person; make copies for the BBB and FCC and why not send this info to news agencies. It might be an interesting story and would bring more attention to the problem.
4) Zombie debt collectors buy phone numbers of old debtors for pennies on the dollar. Wouldn't surprize me that they then, in turn, resell these numbers to other questionable people and companies. Nasty. And, with the economy getting worse, we're going to have more of these calls.
 Feb 10th, 2009
Called twice from this number. It' annoying!
Lisa Wandrei
 Feb 09th, 2009
Unsolicited call on my cell phone, this has to be illegal.
 Jan 29th, 2009
Have received a call from them around the same time every day for the last week. I pressed 2 to be removed from their list and got a call the next day. That time I pressed 1 to speak with an agent. when I told her that I tried to get off the list she said it was a database problem and there was nothing they could do about it. Then she hung up on me. I tried speaking to an agent again today and was hung up on as soon as I told him I tried getting off the list.
 Jan 27th, 2009
didnt answer because i didnt reconized the number. They left recorded message that cut off mentioning help for debt using mortage.Never had this call before. 1/21/09 @ 1:54 pm central.
 Jan 21st, 2009
If you feel like you are drowning in debt having difficulty paying your credit card, medical or IRS bills, our attorneys can reduce your debt up to 70% within 6 months while protecting your home and assets. Press 1 to speak to our analyst, for your free consultation and our unique debt reduction programs. Safeguard your financial future with our professional legal services today by pressing 1.

message left
 Jan 16th, 2009
RE: Lee--British Columbia was shown as the caller. I will report them to the FCC. Reporting to do not call is a waste of time. FCC actually does something.

What exactly do you expect either the FTC's or your state's DNC program to do? The calls appear to be VOIP (internet) calls from a phone company in British Columbia. Would you like the DNC programs to stop ALL calls from British Columbia, or even all of Canada? Even IF they ignored that Canada is another country and not subject to the US DNC laws, would you have them electronically jam all electronic transmissions coming across the border? Good luck explaining that to all the legitimate companies that do business across the border! Don't get me wrong, I think that the scum that discuise themselves as people that do this stuff should go to the deepest part of h*ll.
Regardless of who they are, they are still in another country and neither the FTC's DNC program nor the FCC has jurisdiction outside the US.If youy come up with a LEGAL way to stop them, I'm sure that DNC programs all over the US would like to hear about it. Until then, try a little reality.
 Dec 04th, 2008
debt assistance "punch 2 to be removed from this list"

They keep calling

is it a scam, do they use your telephone bill to steal?
charles stuart
 Nov 19th, 2008
 Nov 15th, 2008
Caller ID: "BR Columbia Cal" 604-621-9731 @ 7:19 pm on 11/06/08.
No idea who this is.
 Nov 07th, 2008
My neighbor received a recorded call from this number. The caller identified himself using my name which immediately raised red flags to my neighbor. The caller said something like, "Do you want to be debt free? If you do, press 1". My neighbor hung up and called me immediately. I called the telephone company customer service person for long distance, who, other than being generally aware of a lot of this illegal activity, was unable to do anything other than verify that the 604-621-9731 number was invalid. The good news is that my neighbor did not touch 1. Who knows what have happened if she did??
 Oct 28th, 2008
i will record all in coming call from this number and file charges for harrasment. i will chase the origin of this call and start a court action
 Oct 24th, 2008
How do these people get our cell phone numbers. Definately need to be reported to the FCC. The will take care of it. They will at least investigate it.
 Oct 21st, 2008
report all calls like this to the FCC web site. they will follow up, do not call will do nothing
 Oct 20th, 2008
British Columbia was shown as the caller. I will report them to the FCC. Reporting to do not call is a waste of time. FCC actually does something.
 Oct 10th, 2008
Would you believe: I am in Sweden, have a new phone number here that I obtained just a few weeks ago, and today I too received this "spam" phone-call-recording trying to sell me a debt-reduction service! How the heck did they get my number? What a nuisance.
 Oct 09th, 2008
I get this call every 5 days! I don't need help so STFU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and DIE!!!!!
 Oct 08th, 2008
i also recivied a message on my phone there using different numbers the number on the caller id was 1 604-621-9731 i called it back a few moments later and got a voice atimated message saying it was a non working number. was not the first call i got there was others from other numbers. someone needs to stop this. i do live on a very low income;;and did hear there is help from grands but thank God i could not got throw. also i will not give personal information on line or on the phone. scam,s happen to easy even without you knowing you can be scamed and it is hard to get out of BE VERY CAREFUL I KNOW BEEN THERE;;;;;;;;HOPE THIS HELPS A LOT OF PEOPLE. AND THERE IS SCAM,S TELLING YOU YOU WON MONEY WRONG YOU HAVE TO ANSWER ALL KINDS OF PERSONAL GUESTIONS BEFORE THEY GIVE ANY INFO. SORRY THIS WAS LONG THANK YOU I HOPE I HELPED;;;;;;
 Oct 01st, 2008
They just called me on my cellphone which is on do not call :/
 Sep 26th, 2008
"We can reduce your debt up to seventy percent in... CLICK" I don't even have debt. Who is selling our numberS?
 Sep 09th, 2008
They even called my Cell Phone. Reported them to National Do Not Call Registry. I suggest you do the same.
 Aug 29th, 2008
I pressed 2 amd hung up. I do not need help for my debt
Bunny Blei
 Aug 28th, 2008
Called at 5:47 pm PST. I didn't pick up and the caller left no message.
 Aug 28th, 2008
Got a call from this number today 604-621-9731
 Aug 27th, 2008
Quit Calling
 Aug 26th, 2008
I got a call from this number on the same date 8/26 at 6:40 eastern standard time. I would love to know who they are, i missed the call
 Aug 26th, 2008