Robo call to my cell #
 Oct 31st, 2015
Very VERY shady! Pre-recorded message that keeps rambling no matter what you say. There's a special place in hell reserved for the sleazy scumbags who make this kind of software. Just google the phrase "life giving moment amanda" (w/o quotes) and you can read a BUNCH of stuff on how shady and unethical this wretched company really is!
 Sep 17th, 2015
Called at 9:00 p.m. on 9/10/2015. They should be fined for calling at that time!
 Sep 11th, 2015
Keeps calling day and night, but since I don't recognize the number, I don't answer and they don't leave message.
 Jul 09th, 2015
Called while I was gone but I wouldn't have picked up as ID sounded like another telemarketer or scam.
 Jun 11th, 2015
They keep calling and calling. I keep blocking numbers. So far, they also call from here: lifegivingmomen calls from 6 phone numbers:
507-540-0340 602-753-5621 623-223-9276 623-295-2427 815-687-8080 952-204-9047
The Curmudgeon
 Apr 24th, 2015
When it went to answering machine she said my name? How did she get that? We have an unlisted and unpublished phone number.
Disgusted Nana
 Apr 21st, 2015
So far, these telecriminals have called me from these various numbers: 507-540-0340 602-753-5621 623-223-9276 815-687-8080
The Sarge
 Oct 22nd, 2014
Pain in the ass nobjockeys, robocalling telemarketer scammers. They also call from 815-687-8080. Block their calls.
The Curmudgeon
 May 10th, 2014
Folks, just to let you know, this is a new breed of recorded telemarketing phone call. What you were hearing was a voice recognition software in place with pre-recorded answers for your responses. For example, when you said " we're on the Do Not Call list", she said "okay I'll note your response" and kept talking. When you get a call and they ask for Lisa and you said " this is Lisa", if you said it with an accent that it does not recognize it defaults to hanging up.

What makes it dangerous is you think you're talking to a real person and you are not. What makes it even more dangerous, is that when you give them a yes answer, they can record that answer in your voice and take that answer and order services or products in your name. Personally, I would be checking my credit card statements very close from now on.

Only the legal businesses adhere to the Do Not Call list and follow the law. All the rest of the phone calls you get, are nothing but pure scams. Instead of going after the individual scammers, what the federal government should be doing is going after the telemarketers who are developing the predictive dialers being used. That would stop them cold. It's too bad there's not an organization that goes after these individuals and publicallly exposes them and the individuals behind them. It should come as no surprise that most of the people behind these are usually criminals with long criminal histories.
 May 01st, 2014
I am a caregiver and taking care of Elderly I can not keep getting up to answer these calls. I am to busy for this. I hope it stops.
 Apr 08th, 2014
BE SAFE! DO NOTY LOOK UP ONLINE! They've been calling for nearly a year! Ask for me by my first name while my voice message was playing. My first name is not in phone book and don't use often online. I made huge mistake by looking them up on internet and got a TROJAN HORSE THAT LOCKED UP MY COMPUTER AND SAID WAS THE FBI CYBER CRIMES AND I HAD TO PAY $300 to unlock my computer. Thankfully my brother is in computer biz and also had been hit with it. Had to make a disc on different computer and load a program to get computer back. Was hit with non-stop Trojan Horses for over 6 months so could not good online. Neither my protection nor my brothers caught first Trojan but got the others that kept popping up 30 minutes after got offline! He said this Trojan was out for a while. When I looked online it sent me to a foreign bank! Then I looked at another link so not sure which one had Trojan. They also call under another number. Took me a long time to use my computer online again. News in my area said to file with FCC but not sure if that is the agency they said for online hazardous scams. Anyone know who to tell? Thanks D
 Feb 20th, 2014
It's a bot. They're getting really good with them. Play with shady answers and you'll notice. They have a dot org, and the mission appears to be raising awareness and teaching kids and parents about internet safety...
 Feb 06th, 2014
Called at 830am. A woman calls up asking for my name. I reply, who's calling? She says 'Just to let you know, my name is Amanda and I am with Life Giving.... I cut her off and said And I don't want to be on your list, remove me. Hung up.
 Feb 04th, 2014
asked for my husband, I asked who was calling and they went into a thing about thaking a survey about parental controls on tv and movies. I answered the questions, then was told to press 9 to add my name to their petition. At that point I hung up!
 Jan 10th, 2014
creepy, creepy telemarketer at 8:30pm.
Saint paul
 Oct 22nd, 2013
A woman calls up asking for my name. I reply saying who is calling. She says 'Just to let you know, my name is Amanda and I am with Life Giving Moment.' She then hangs up. I called caller ID to get their number 602-753-5621. Who the hell are these people?
 Oct 22nd, 2013
no message left calls a couple times a day
 Oct 11th, 2013
I'm with USNSPARKS, using the 'call display', I do not answer the phone if I don't recognize the phone number. They usually don't leave a message, which tells me that they don't know me either. Received this call after 8:00 p.m., late for anyone I know to be calling me.
 Oct 09th, 2013
Called at 8 AM. They said my name on the voice mail and then hung up.
 Aug 19th, 2013
Why do people think if the phone rings they must answer it? You have
CID, USE IT! Do you let anyone coming to your door into your home? Of
course not. Wake up people, these are crooks, DO NOT ANSWER when they
call you! They manipulate the CID system so the info is probably fake.
If for some insane reason you must answer it's too late! Soon as you
answer you've told them your number is valid. They sell this info to
other scammers. Pushing a # to 'remove yourself from their list' does
absolutely NOTHING for you. Do NOT call them back!
Stop these calls with Phone Tray Pro - Https://
The phone block system the phone company charges you for does NOT
block all the calls Phone Tray Pro does. I have NO connection with
Phone Tray Pro, I am simply an EXTREMELY happy customer. Best money
I have ever spent! DIGITONE ($100), TELE ZAPPER, PRO CALL BLOCKER ($50)
etc don't do nearly what Phone Tray Pro does and cost a LOT more! Don't
waste your money on these worthless gadgets.
As of 07/15/13 I have 191 #'s, 12 Wild Card #'s and 16 CID names on my
PTP Black List that will never get through again.
The DNC doesn't affect scammers. Don't be so naive. You can report them
to the FTC but honestly when was the last time the federal government
ever did anything for you? Oh I forgot, Obamacare. Speaking of scams!
 Jul 15th, 2013
Called number. Automated message said would take my phone number off list. Would take 30 days.
 May 22nd, 2013
We have rec'd several calls from different numbers that show Lifegivingmoments or something similar. Wishntheybwould stop!
 Apr 06th, 2013
They called and on the message said "is linda there." That was it. There isn't nor has there ever been a linda at our phone number.
 Mar 08th, 2013
called after 8pm last night and when i reponded started to sound like they were raising funds for something. i hung up and this AM called them and found it was a non working number. it appears that the illegal calls are getting worse and more frequent.. is the federal government doing anything about them???
 Mar 02nd, 2013
no message left
 Feb 27th, 2013
Calls every few days, sometimes several times a day. I do no answer. They do not leave a message, just hang up.
 Feb 26th, 2013