Same satellite TV idiot that was calling from 602-624-4810. Block him! This is phishing!!
 Feb 12th, 2007
They are calling my cell phone, I dont answer, and they leave no message.I have had this number for years. Per my caller ID

They called
1-28 2:02Pm
1-27 3:35Pm
1-26 7:51Pm
1-25 6:32pm
1-24 6:02pm
1-23 7:17pm
1-16 5:05pm I answered and no one was there or they hung up.
1-13 6:31pm 602-624-4810 called 12 second call??
1-11 2:31pm Unknown caller Strange call Trying to sell me Satelite TV.
NOTE In early December I called Direct TV and Dish Re: service price ect. Then I started getting calls regarding satalite service
 Jan 30th, 2007
It was a recording about getting satellite TV. I pressed 0 in hopes of getting a person, but I got disconnected. Next time I will listen to the entire message.
 Jan 20th, 2007