Got 2 calls from this number both times it only rang once and no voice mail , so sick of this,, the government should never allowed our numbers to be released to telemarketers , i get so many calls to both my phones and i am the one paying for their calls not the government or the Scammers/Telemarketers . and their spoofing the numbers they are dialing from so we cannot take action against them, and the ones who do talk and you ask to talk to supervisor they just hang up on you and call you again later, i want a Phone Zapper for repeated phone harassers so we get shut their phone down so it starts costing them money instead of us.
This number called 30 times in a week. They sit there and breathe into phone and finally hang up on answering machine. Never leave message. Really annoying, like why call 30 times in a week?? Stalk much??
North Carolina
Credit Scammer.
 Mar 10th, 2017