Losers who are trying to defend this company: I get calls from this PCR 4 times a day and never had ANY debt. It is not my JOB as an american to provide you with ANY information or to do YOUR job for you. WHY are they calling me if I have no debt? WHY would I be polite to a loser who couldn't hold a NORMAL job and calls my house @ 8:01 AM on a saturday. Call the police and report this as a harassing phone call.
 Nov 22nd, 2008
I work at PCR, and I can guarantee that we are a legit company. You get phone calls that hang up on you because it is an automated system, and we can't get to all of them. Somebody said in a previous post that the best thing to do is answer, and let us know it's a wrong number. That's the truth. If you can prove that we are calling the wrong house then we will stop calling. But if you are lying then we can just find out easily enough.

It is not illegal to call neighbors. It is illegal to tell them we are calling about your debts. Also, we WILL recommend wage garnishment to our clients if you do not pay. We, personally, do not garnish anyone's wages, or take anyone's taxes. That is the federal government, which you owe money to.

Your education is not free. The government does not care if you got a job in the field you went to college for or not. We, at least, are trying to keep things like that from happening to you. We may seem pushy at times, but it's a necessity of the job when people lie about their debts on a daily basis.
The Collector
 Jun 07th, 2008
stop blogging false info,

"Imply that failure to pay the debt could result in arrest, imprisonment, or garnishment of wages"
obviously the first part is right, but i owed this company money, for my student loans.
i refused to pay as i am a single mother and can not afford their "minimum" payments
then a month later they garnished my paycheck, now i have to pay out of my check and pay ontop of the garnishment for 9 months to get my garnishment to stop, so

thanks for your advise but get your shit straight.

and for others, from what i understand, this company runs your social security number and find out where you are working, after that point, they can garnish your wages. personally around 15% of mine
truthfully i should have just paid in the first place, then i wouldnt have to deal with this
to sylvia
 Apr 08th, 2008
I am a debt collector for this company. Its fine wether or not you answer your phone. But let me tell you some advice. The easiest way to get your number removed is to speak to a live person, I am willing to bet more half your calls are generated by a computer, however if you pick up, you will speak to a live person. If your nice enough AND make the person you speak to know your not the person they are trying to contact, there is a really good that person will remove your number, especially if you try to help them out (even if you have no info) jus ask them nicely to remove your number before they hang up. These types of people I will glady take out the contact info for, others who hang up on me or are rude or never answer the phone,...well I'll just leave the number in the system so that way a machine can call them a few hundred more times ( and it requires hardly any effort on my part to set that up). Hope this helps.....P.S. You will rarely recive messages from us because most of us are required to say these rediculously long message scripts, and no we don't pre-record them.
 Mar 04th, 2008
Under Provisions of Federal Law, The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act

It is Illegal for Debt Collectors to:

Imply that failure to pay the debt could result in arrest, imprisonment, or garnishment of wages;

Call consumers at work when they knew the consumers' employers prohibited such calls;

Talk with third parties, including neighbors, children, and employers, for purposes other than acquiring location information about consumers, without consumers' consent;

Cause the telephone to ring, or engage a person in telephone conversations, repeatedly or continuously, with the intent to annoy, abuse, or harass a consumer;

Threaten to take action -- such as filing a lawsuit -- when they did not intend to do so;

Call consumers at times or places that they knew or should have known were inconvenient;

Fail to notify consumers of their right to dispute and obtain verification of their debts, and to obtain the name of the original creditor

Continue to try to collect debts after consumers disputed them in writing, and before verifying the debts.

Use obscene or profane language
 Feb 27th, 2008
another reason you may get calls is just because you were used as a reference
so answer the phone and find out
No Name
 Sep 21st, 2007
PCR called leaving a message on my machine. If what Sallie Mae posted is true and it is about student loans then why are they calling me? I didn't take out any student loans. And for that matter I do not have any oustanding debts.
 Jul 26th, 2007

Do your research people. It really exsists.
 Jul 20th, 2007
I have perfect credit and no debits, so obviously this is a fraud company!! They never leave a message.
 May 27th, 2007
This company is legit and is owned by sallie mae, they ask to verify the last four digits not the whole thing and if you dont they ask for your DOB, they are defaulted student loans that you need to pay on or u get ur taxes taken by the irs, or ur wages get garnished, not cool, they are actually trying to help you, get into a federally backed program cld the rehab. program, so answer the phone pay your bills and shut up, because they are a good company trying to help you losers who dont pay for the education years after the fact you went.
Sallie Mae
 Apr 25th, 2007
its a collection agency... answer and pay your bills
 Apr 19th, 2007
I have received several of these phone calls they never leave a message at all. Sounds like we all have the same problem
 Feb 25th, 2007
same problem here--but they call once in the morning and once at night, only allowing the phone to ring twice and then hanging up. the one time i've picked up, there was no one there. ridiculous!!!!
 Jan 22nd, 2007
I was away from my cell phone when they called. Have no idea who this company is. I am on the "do not call" registry for cell phones. They didn't leave a message so I decided to google them and received this website.
 Jan 08th, 2007
called, no message
anon in ma
 Jan 05th, 2007
This is from "Pioneer Credit Recovery, Inc." - I know this because I started getting hang-ups from them from the number 585-815-6500 and if you do a Google Search on that number you get "PCR", same area code, same exchange, different extension.
 Dec 15th, 2006
They call, never leave a message. Not a good way to get someone to talk to.
 Dec 05th, 2006
They are Pioneer Credit Recovery (PCR). If I don't answer, they call back in 10 minutes 7 never leave a message. They do this to me every other week or so.
anonymous in wv
 Sep 13th, 2006