I received a call from this number and got a voicemail stating that someone had filed a claim against me in the Los Angeles District Court. The caller identified himself as Gary Marshall. He said somebody would be serving me papers tomorrow before 5pm at an old address. He said I could call the number 585-730-6120 to ask about the case and gave a case number. Seeing that there are other people posting recently who have had similar encounters, I am going to have to agree this is most likely not a legit claim.
 May 09th, 2013
Patrick said my wife was going to be served paper for bank fraud and an unpaid loan from CashNet USA. This collection was resolved and paid in full and taken off my wife's credit 1 year ago. Patrick claimed tfT this was not resolved and that we could redolve the issue before it went to court if we paid around 900 dollars instead of the 5000 + that was owed. He kept changing his story, saying we had to appear in court the next day and then saying that a court date hasn't been filed. Anyway, "Patrick" is a low life who is too dumb to make anything of his life and instead tries to scam innocent people.
 May 03rd, 2013
Got threatening calls saying i had to be available to be served with papers for Erie one answers when i call back any time of day...sounds like a scam
 Apr 19th, 2013