They says they were taking a survey about the upcoming republican primary in the town of Wheatland on 9/13/2012. They asked if I was planning on voting in it. When I said no, they just hung up.
Gary Savage
 Sep 08th, 2012
Autodialed, I answered hoping to be able to demand that I be placed on the firm's internal "Do Not Call" list. No human being on the other end.

I understand the Federal DNC list doesn't apply to companies you do business with, non-profit organizations and their for-profit fund-raising firms, and politicians, but I'm tired of these ass-clown politicians exempting themselves from the bills they pass.

Though I don't know which party is calling, I am going to call them both and inform them that they or their agents are harassing my family, and that it is going to stop. Their contact info is below.

If I was a sociopath like the typical political party hack, I would post chairman Bill Reilich's home telephone number here, but we the people need to show that we are different than those jerks.

Monroe County Democratic Committee
1150 University Ave Building 5
Rochester, NY 14607

Phone: 585-232-2410
Fax: 585-232-1223

Monroe County Republican Committee
460 State Street, Suite 100B
Rochester, NY 14608
Some Guy
 Aug 15th, 2012
Phone ID said "Monroe County." Call was actually a political solicitation disguised as a "survey." I did not wait for details. I terminated the call.
CB Poole
 Oct 18th, 2011