recorded message..something about Seniors qualifying for some free government program?
 Apr 22nd, 2015
This loser didn't let it ring for very long.
 Apr 03rd, 2015
This phone - 585-621-8921 is associated with Michael W Graham and Dolores N Parent of 284 Chalford Rd, Rochester, NY 14616-2825. The robo call came in at dinner time on Tuesday, 31 March 2015. I pressed 1 because there was no opt out information at the beginning of the call or during or at the end. A person by the name of Scott answered. I asked Scott if he had a no call list. He said "we do, but I am not going to put you on it you asshole!" These people have created a new low for out of control telemarketers.
 Mar 31st, 2015