These people call all the time. I am sure that I owe something but they have no right to call my home 20 times a day. They are only legally allowed to call one time if they talk to someone on the phone that day and they legally can call again the next day and ask the same questions. However they are not legally allowed to call several times a day once they have spoke to someone on the phone that certain day. These people dont care and will call all day and night. I hope that something will soon be able to be done about bill collectors. I am disabled and can not pay and can not even pay 2 dollars a month to catch up or pay because I would be short on household bills that need to be paid such as water sewer and garbage pick up and house payment and power so that my kids have s safe roof over ther heads or I can get in trouble and loose my kids. Paying these bills is not as important as my kids. I am sorry. I wish that I was not disabled because I would not be in this trouble with debts if I was able to work. I hope that someday Oboma will change this debt collection ways. like make it legally for them to only call once a week so that at least they can get the call out to someone and remind them of the bill and so that those that can not pay and nothing can be done about it that they will get the hint that I have no money to pay and that my social security is protected from garnishment of wages. SO they will just have to wait until I get a large inherritance or free lottery so that I can pay these bills.
Mrs High
 Mar 22nd, 2010