I am a current employee at pionneer. And looking thru the first page of the comments I see a lot of people angery about no messages being left. That is because we are legaly allowed to call one number 4 times a day. If we do call you and you are not the person that we are looking for please kindly say that we have the wrong number and that you don't know who that person it. A good 95 percent of the time we will not call you back unless we have reason to belive thaat the info you have given us is wrong. If we say you were used as a reference in our office that means our brws used you in the event that we lost contact with them and we will ask for information. I.e. demographic info and how to get a message to whom ever. I also seen a lot of peple complaning that we call people at work. I personally hae calling people at work but if we havve not references and you don't pick up your home phone well ill call the work phone. If you do not wish to recive phone calls anylonger and you are not the person we are asking to speak with yo do just need to tell us not to call any more, same with a place of employement per FDCPA we need to abide by that. You also DO need to send a written dnc letter or with in 5 business days we call again. And as for the comments about us calling 15 times a dy one one number our dialer system showes how many times a phone number has been called and we could get fired for doing so. So if you are the person we are tryinh to reach, don't dodge us that makes EVERYONES life harder, yours, mine, references, reletives, neighbores ect. Even if you have no income there are programs out there for everyone. We are here to help you get out of defult so no involentary actioons take place. Expecally when it comes to tax time because hey, everyone loves to see a good hunk of change. Thank you.
pcr emp
 Oct 15th, 2012