These people are scam artists. Do not fall for their tricks! Over the past year, I have received calls from them five different times (all appear to be different numbers across the US, but they are actually coming from overseas). It is always someone with a foreign accent, but they usually have a surprisingly American name. They say that you have an outstanding payday loan of some sort but yet they can’t tell you the company name. Ask them to provide proof of the so-called debt. I have been told that I will receive it within 24 hours, no proof arrives. If it is legit, they would be able to provide you with this information. They will tell you that if you do not cooperate, they will send someone to your place of business within a few hours to have you arrested. This will not happen. Do not worry! They say that they have an attorney going to court the next day with a judgment against you. They do not. Do not worry!

They have the last four digits of my SSN and the name of my bank, which I do not know how they got, but they use it to scare you. I monitor my credit report, and nothing has been done with that information. I have spoken to the Attorney General’s office in my state a couple of different times, and they are familiar with this scam and have basically told me that they can’t do anything about it because these people are overseas and they change their phone numbers so quickly and can’t be traced. They suggested that I tell them they have been reported to the authorities and then hang up. My preference has been to mess with them and I have been successful at getting them to hang up on me ;)

One day I spoke with some yahoo from one of these scammers and he actually told me he was in Pakistan. Must have been a newbie. Everyone else tells me they are from New York or California, etc. What I have found to work the best to get rid of them, is get them frustrated. Don’t let them frustrate you. Ask them for their law firm name, ask them for their mailing address, ask them for the proof of the debt, ASK THEM QUESTIONS. Any information they are giving you is bogus, but they aren’t expecting you to be questioning them, they are expecting you to freak out and give them money. The last person I spoke with, I told him right away that the phone call was being recorded for my state’s Attorney General’s office because they were under investigation. At first he said that was no problem, he didn’t care, and then after I asked him a couple of more questions, and mentioned that he was in Pakistan, he seemed flustered and hung up on me. I called the number back right away, and it was “busy”.

PLEASE DON’T LET THESE PEOPLE GET TO YOU! THEY ARE FRAUDS!!! It takes a few months for someone to call again with the same story trying to get money, but I just go through the game again, and then it seems to happen again a few months later with the call coming from a different phone number and a different “law firm”. There doesn’t seem to be anything I can do to make them go away for good except just go through the motions, and then they leave me alone for a few months. They do not care if you are on a “do not call list”, so don’t even try that one. They are as bogus as it gets, so that probably just makes them laugh.
 Apr 06th, 2011