why in the heck do they not leave a message.....EVER....they feel unimportant and guess what THEY ARE,,,
 Jul 11th, 2013
Received a call from this number two days in a row, it is a recorded call about lowering credit card interest rates. I requested to be taken off the list and the caller abruptly hung up. Next time I will not be so nice. Must be a bunch of illegal immigrants working there that does not understand the English language!!!!!!!
No name
 May 30th, 2013
takes a long time to connect, rings one time, then nothing
 May 28th, 2013
I pressed 1 to talk to a live operator. I did get a female asking me if I have more then $10k in credit card debt. I asked her please take me off her calling list. I did not want to do business with her company. Her response was "Fagot...I'm going to call back 3 times a day for the next 2 weeks." So I blew my police whistle in the phone...which I KNOW had to hurt. Let's see if she calls back now. Very rude pushy people. Putting them on the Do No Call Registry doesn't seem to be doing any good. Everyone go buy a whistle and blow it loud. lol I was pleasant and polite until the name she decided to call me a name. No sense in that kind of business practice.
 May 28th, 2013
Wish we could do something about these idiots
 May 27th, 2013
If this number is traceable I will call a bomb threat into the location housing this facility only it will not be a threat...this number was calling me during a family members funeral...
 May 25th, 2013