I live in California. Didn't recognize the number or area code, so didn't answer.
Feb 2014
 Feb 14th, 2014
I checked the University of Missouri web site and there are two people at extension 8952. One of them is a freshman. It's probably some asshole freshman using a school phone to do telemarketing. Our best and brightest attend the University of Missouri. Stupid assholes.
 Aug 19th, 2009
this number calls 5x a day at 93 mins apart.... can set my watch to it. Auto Dialer...
CID says University of Missouri... Funny I have 2 relatives that are professors and teach there... but they asked the IT department and was told the University doesn't use the 573-882 exchange.

573-882 shows to belong to CENTURYTEL OF MISSOURI, LLC (CENTRAL)
Ema Nymton
 Jul 16th, 2009