Left a message saying he was Brian Stevens and we had talked last week about lowering my interest rate and reducing my monthly payments on my credit cards. Said he had "found a solution" to lower my interest rates and my monthly payments, and since I've "just been making my minimum payments," this would be "a great opportunity" for me. Said it would be my last courtesy call

I have never talked to this guy before, and I almost always make more than the minimum payment on the single credit card I do have. The tone was very casual sounding, like he was speaking off the cuff and not reading from a script, but I have a feeling he was anyway. Message asked me to call 888-442-0881, and Googling that, it looks like a lot of other people have gotten this call too.

I also reported this number for violating the Federal Do Not Call List.
 Feb 04th, 2010
I said hello and what seemed like a recording said "Hello, my name" and that's it. The rest is silence. I have received 3 such calls in 3 days.
 Feb 04th, 2010