I got another call at 7:32 P. M. last night , 10/0502011, after I had gotten an email from Debbie Schwertz indicating that they had been told that I didn’t wish to hear from them. The latest call came from 573-341-6028. I have blocked the two previous numbers 573-341-6387 and 573-341-6382. You would think someone with a college education would get a clue from the fact that the numbers were blocked and realize that this person didn’t want to hear from you.
When I saw where the latest call was from I picked up the phone and said “I told you people to stop calling me”, the individual on the other end immediately hung up without a word. I called the number back and told the guy that answered that I had told them to leave me alone and that I was on state and federal no call lists. He said that didn’t apply to him because this was a charity, although he never said what charity. This is beginning to look like some frat boys running a scam out of their dorm rooms using the school’s phones. This latest fool told me he was looking for Frank XXXX. Even poor, stupid me who never attended Missouri S&T was able to find Mr. XXXX’s phone number , 314-849-xxxx. I don't see how a state university that my tax dollars support can be considered a charity.
 Oct 06th, 2011