I got the same Asian computer "expert" whom most previous posters have reported. I knew it was a scam, but since I had some free time I pretended I was following his instructions, when in reality I was nowhere near my PC. When he asked what message I was seeing, I said something like, "There is someone trying to damage your computer if you attempt to do what he says." Before long he got the message.
 Jun 18th, 2013
I just got a call from them. I checked the number it's from a company called Intoxalock in Des Moines IA. I have to conceivable need for such a device, so perhaps someone just misdialed. Here's their website:
 Jun 18th, 2013
A recording came on asking if I had back pain (not that high yet) or diabetes. Press one to talk to an operator or press two to be removed from their calling list. I was reasonably sure that pressing two wouldn't work but I tried it. I got directed to a live(?) operator anyway. Anwya the operator had an extremely thick accent and she went into a "speed" speech about senior citizens on medicare and something about back pain or diabetes. It sounded like whoever she was representing could provide services under Medicare but I wasn't sure due to her speed talking and accent. When I finally was able to get a word in edgewise I threw her a curve by telling her that I not eligible for Medicare. There was some hesitation when I told her that. She couldn't seem to understand that concept at least at first. She finally said thank you and hung up. She did not identify a company that she was representing but she did ask for me by last name. Her accent did not sound like her native language was English unless she was chewing marbles. Definitely not Virginian. I can understand them, well most of the time anyway.
 Jun 15th, 2012
Did not answer, call yesterday .....3215, today... 3218
 Jun 11th, 2012
1030AM June 4 2012 Called again
I did not answer again
I don't know anyone in Virginia
 Jun 04th, 2012
Answered the phone and the caller didn't say anything. Probably some scammer or pervert!
 May 31st, 2012
1230PM May 31 2012 I didn't pick-up
I don't know anyone in Va
 May 31st, 2012
This number has called me numerous times in the last few days. Leaves no message. Today I called the number back and was told the number is no longer in service or has been disconnected. That right there proves it's a scam or some scum bag of a telemarketer!
 Apr 30th, 2012