Stop calling me you are Washington time
 Feb 28th, 2014
Call(s) from 818-514-4710 and 571-364-0232,
Weekly, sometimes daily, nuisance, non-human 'avatar' bot phoning with a sales pitch for Caribbean Cruise Lines. Repeatedly demands to know if you have a valid debit/ credit card in your name. When callee asks for a
 Feb 06th, 2014
Weekly, sometimes daily, nuisance non-human 'avatar' bot phoning with a sales pitch for Caribbean Cruise Lines. When callee asks for a "live"/ "real" person, avatar answers "...I AM a "live" person"... lol

This newest version of invasive and aggressive telemarketing practices eliminates the harassed person's ability to phone back and complain, opt-out from future contact, and/ or reiterate ones disinterest in what they're selling. The automated dialling avatar disconnects the call when one doesn't answer the invasive questions (or says '...don't call this number again'... (yet the calls continue) Not being able to reach a live person/ supervisor translates into the nuisance calls/ voice-mails/ texts and emails continuing. Phoning back doesn't help because "Jennifer", the auto-bot/ avatar disconnects the call.

I reversed the phone number online 571.364.0232. The Better Business Bureau showed numerous complaints against this company and offered Caribbean Cruise Lines Corporate Office number 800.586.6693. I phoned and asked for a supervisor, explaining the harassing avatar calls. I fully expected them to deny any involvement but to my surprise, he stated that the avatar is an integral part of their marketing program... as if there was nothing wrong with what they are doing.

I explained that other telemarketing nuisance calls at least supply an "opt-out" option, if the callee requests that all contact cease, typically that request is granted (that goes double when the person is on the Do-Not-Call list). This company’s choice to disallow the harassed an opportunity to opt-out of future contact is illegal, according to the Federal Trade Commission’s consumer response team. Not to mention that they appear to be hiding their contact information so the public can't locate them (as well as hiding behind robo-caller bot, Jennifer, who auto-answers if the callee phones back). Caribbean Cruise Lines tactics are as slippery as a bag of snakes and are harassing/ abusing the general public.

Word to the wise:
Online accounts ask repeatedly for us to offer-up a mobile number (theoretically so the password can be re-set or an account can be verified-kind of thing) but this is where the problem begins. Accounts are hacked and we may be repeatedly victimised when/ if we agree to supply a phone number as well as an email address when we open a new account of any variety. Over 400k Yahoo Answers accounts were hacked due to this.

Do yourself a favour and register with the National Do-Not-Call registry. It only takes a second. After which, any/ all companies that SPAM you with no-opt-out robo-calls, voice mails, texts and emails can easily be reported (and hopefully stopped).

Consumers can register on-line for the National do-not-call registry by going to

To register by telephone, consumers may call 1-888-382-1222

Responsible companies are supposed to check the Do-Not-Call list prior to contacting anyone/ everyone. Only the scammers and frauds/ shysters skip this step.
 Jan 29th, 2014
Called yesterday and today. No responded when I answered then the line went dead
 Jan 28th, 2014
they've called me 3 times today. I've been getting a ton of calls from "Caribbean cruise scams" and I am guessing this is related. i'll say one thing, they are persistent. scammers.
 Jan 24th, 2014
called left no message. When I picked up after the 5th call I waited for a min before I said was like I heard music or something in background. But noticed when I said hello? I could hear the echo of my voice. I hung up!
 Jan 23rd, 2014
called left no message
 Jan 23rd, 2014