6/20/06 Call at 2:08 PM from 571-283-6436. Caller ID said RDM Mark. When I dialed it back it goes to this weird noise and then finally if you stay on long enough you will hear a British sounding Automative voice. A woman's Voice telling you that your number did not go through. British voice. Weird.. hmmmm Is this a routing system.
 Jul 05th, 2006
no message, just repeated calls
 Jun 25th, 2006
Unsolicated call
 Jun 21st, 2006
Only info from the reverse phone numbers is a land line from Herndon, VA (Virginia)
 Jun 20th, 2006
Recording stated a mortgage company with option "3" to be removed from their list. I've received numerous calls from this area code and will moniter them more closely.
 Jun 20th, 2006
I have changed my # do to harrassment calls & the authorties are on this as well as the phone company too-plus I am on medical disabilty & I dont want any of these unwanted calls calling my phone inconvencing me at all -Iam already going thru enough as it is!!!! I dont or want/need these calls....I called it back just to tell them & it said it wasnt in service!! I am not in service either do not call my phone again
legal reasons
 Jun 20th, 2006