I received a call from 571-243-3848 on March 16, 2016. As usually, I answered my phone with my name. The caller, a female, indicated that she had missed a call from my number and was calling me back. I did not recall dialing that number and when I asked her name (or company name) she would not provide it. I thought that was odd that she would not even provide her first name since she now has my first name. We hung up, and I checked all of my outgoing calls and I definitely did not call that number. I'm assuming it's a cell phone number and that she would have just hit redial if in fact I had called her. I'm always suspicious of potential scams, so wanted to run a check on this number, and also report it in case others get a call from someone who says, "I just got a call from your number and wanted to call you back."
 Mar 16th, 2016