This is an information harvesting scam. I got a text to my cell phone from a similar number 571-228-1056) claiming that I have won a $1000 Walmart Gift Card and a web site with a code. Went to the site (hxxp:// to see what the scam was, and when you enter the code GIFT it just starts asking for more information.

If you have AT&T and are getting spam texts, check out this article:
One thing it says is, When you receive text spam, forward it to short code SPAM (7726) from your wireless device. There is no charge to report mobile spam. Messages forwarded to 7726 do not count toward your data usage or voice package.
Phone User
 Mar 19th, 2012
Is this a scam? I received a text message telling me I won a $1000 gift certificate from Wal-Mart.
 Mar 19th, 2012