The message from "Bennett" is a scam. Do not call 866-246-7196 scam - it is a phishing number to get information from you for the scammers. Google the number and you will see it is a call to the scammers.
Have received a call every day for the past two months from "Client Retention" "Rate Approval" "Customer Dept" CIDs. They use the same multiple numbers - all spoofed. Started with 347-502-25xx, 215-394-1988, 717-547-5731, 570-983-3130, 570-983-22xx. Just don't answer these calls - they are scams.
B. R.
 Apr 26th, 2013
The following is comment from Frank I tried last week and it works which is a relief considering I was also getting calls from 507-983-3131 and -3132. Either call 307-223-0458 or send an email to; give the caller's phone number to verify the number is on their list and your receiving phone number to remove it from the caller's list and it'll stop the phone calls.
 Mar 21st, 2013