I have been getting calls from this number on my CELL phone EVERYDAY since Feb. 14th!! I decided to answer a few days ago and nobody was there. I wanted to tell them to STOP calling me! Today I picked up and a man was on there. He said something like Travel Options, if I heard him correctly. I asked him to stop calling me and he said he wishes he was rich and could do that, but he's not the one to tell that to, that I have to tell his boss. I asked who his boss was and he said, "To tell you the truth, Ma'am, I have never met him. Have a nice day." and he hung up! So aggravated! I am ON the Do Not Call List and these calls are using up my valuable monthly minutes, even when they just call into my number and I don't answer!!! Please make them stop!!!
Mad. B.
 Mar 03rd, 2014