Claims to be from a credit card company. When you tell them you're on a no call list, they keep on going.
Russ B
 Jul 05th, 2011
I am writing to make you aware that I just received (4/22/11 @ 439 PM) an automated call that connected me to "Cardholder Services". The individuals I spoke with were offering to lower my credit card interest rate.

They claimed they were acting on behalf of national banks and asked for my account number, which I would not give. The person I spoke with said he wouldn't ask for my mother's maiden name or where I went to school. He also said that I had a variable rate credit card, which i do not.

I asked this individual to speak with his supervisor, who attempted to collect the same information from me. I asked the "supervisor" the name of his company; he told me it was Financial Services. I asked for a callback number, which his dodged. I told him that I thought he was trying to phish for my information, that I had his phone number, and was going to report this call to the FBI, .... at which point he started yelling and called me fucking bastard.

I called the FBI, and they told me to report the call to the police, which I have.

The phone number the call originated from is 567-248-4900. I checked on line and this is an unlisted cell phone.

Never, never give you personal information, including bankcard account numbers to a caller claiming to be calling from your bank. If you think the offer is legitimate, get the caller's name, and phone number. Hang up and call your bank or card issuer directly to confirm if they are extending the offer. If you find the offer is bogus report it to the police. The only reason these scammers make these calls is because they are successful in obtaining this information to some extent.

Please pass along this information to everyone you know, especially those who are very trusting or easily confused individuals.

All the best,

Frank Kohn
 Apr 22nd, 2011