This number calls at least once or twice a week, when I hit 9 to connect and they answer I ask to be removed from their calling list and they hang up on me before I can finish my request.
 Mar 31st, 2012
credit card scam thing
 Mar 17th, 2012
I absolutely LOVE that the phone equipment is able to identify this crap for what it is. Phone Scam. How ingenious!
 Mar 09th, 2012
 Dec 29th, 2011
I kid you not, the caller ID said, "Phone Scam." Several people in our area are receiving the calls.
 Nov 02nd, 2011
Delightful id: Phone Scam! That actually made me laugh. I didn't pick up, no message was left by caller.
 Sep 15th, 2011
The caller ID read PHONE SCAM & the number was 567-248-4455. The scammers called on 9/5/2011 at 4:02 PM. I did not answer & they left no message.
 Sep 06th, 2011
New caller ID did not confuse me. I am on No Call List too. Called my regular line and my fax line within seconds of each other.
 Aug 09th, 2011
call the attica police dept non emergency number @419-426-3621 and file a complaint against these rude scammers so the can build a case. same calls are made to people under the # 567-248-0000
called again
 Jun 17th, 2011
Did not pick up--first time I have seen "phone scam"!
'Scammer' left no message.
 Jun 10th, 2011
Same old BS but listed as Phone Scam. I love it
 Apr 28th, 2011
Got a call from this number..My caller ID said phone scam lol I guess ATT is up on this one...they said it was credit card services with a last chance to consolidate my cards...i don't have any
 Apr 20th, 2011
Arrived home and caller ID light was blinking, caller ID was (567) 248-4455 and caller ID name was "phone scam". This is the first time I've ever had a caller ID listed as "phone scam", I don't have clue who this number is, I checked the area code and it is in northwest Ohio, I do not know anyone living in Ohio who would be telephoning my home in Connecticut..
 Apr 20th, 2011
Hilariously, the caller ID showed this as "Phone Scam"
 Mar 30th, 2011
Caller ID actually says "Phone Scam" LOL!
 Feb 19th, 2011
Jordan Group Company
Room 1207, Fuli Business Building, Fuli Plaza, Zhongshan 8 Road, Guanghou China 510150 No response to several e-mails but let's not let that stop us!
 Dec 07th, 2010
Call hang up ten minutes ago; no message. First time for that number I think.
 Nov 03rd, 2010
It was an automated call "regarding [my] credit card." Nothing wrong with my credit card, according to the recording, but they can offer me 6.5%. Big deal. When you don't carry a balance, it doesn't matter how high or low the interest rate is.
 Oct 21st, 2010
curious to see what phone scam wanted, so I answered phone. No one responded to my greeting. They disconnected.
 Oct 16th, 2010
I did not answer. They left no message. Caller ID said Phone Scam. Well, at least they're honest :-)
Polka Dot
 Oct 07th, 2010
Phone scam? Really??
 Oct 06th, 2010
I can't believe the called ID actually said "phone scam".... how I wish our technology would show us that same ID when any scammer called!
 Oct 05th, 2010
no name
 Oct 04th, 2010
#9, just to see what would do. a live person anwsered, but as soon as I said...I don't have a credit card...they hung up.....
 Sep 21st, 2010
Didn't answer the phone. Caller ID showed Phone Scam.
 Sep 09th, 2010
Any "recording" that dials my number asking me to press a number to talk to a representative, receives a hang up from me. If you can't have a REAL rep call me, I'm not jumping through hoops to talk to YOU. The Do Not Call list is useless.
 Aug 17th, 2010
They called @8:26 pm on 8/16. The Caller ID just read: "Phone Scam" Yeah, like I am going to answer a call with a moniker like that!
T Bird
 Aug 17th, 2010
Received call today Cller Id said Phone Sam
 Aug 07th, 2010
No Comment
 Jul 23rd, 2010
I also looked up the Ohio Telecom company and it stated that they are a phone company and dont' have anything to do with credit cards, then who in the hell is calling my home phone and my cell phone all the damn time. I am geting sick of geting these phone calls and I don't even have a credit card at all. My mother is now geting calls from them all the time and her caller idea showed the name Phone Scam so she didn't answer the call. It is geting out of hand now! There is probably so dumb people out there who think they will help them with the rates on their cards and do stupidly give them the info they need and then get riped off!
 Jul 20th, 2010
This phone number made it to
Manny Yunker
 Jul 18th, 2010
caller ID says "phone scam"! I'm sure they're telling the truth. I am on the DO NOT CALL list and I would surely appreciate it if they would not call.
Just Me
 Jul 14th, 2010
Only says 'telemarketer'. Tired of these calls. on the national and state do not call lists!!
 Jul 07th, 2010
I received a call from the above number and was amazed that my caller ID said "phone scam". Is this part of the new law that prohibits caller ID spoofing?
 Jun 23rd, 2010
Just got a call from them "credit card services". pressed 9 and asked for the company name and address. they asked what they could help me with, and i again asked for their company name and address, i then got "it is not our policy to give that information." I hung up. - clearly a scam.
 Jun 11th, 2010
they said this was my final opportunity to lower my credit card intrest to 6% if i had 4000 $ in credit card debt. when i told him i may have 4 or5 hundred, the guy told me i was not elidgable unless I carried 4000 on my card. when i asked why i pay more intrest for owing less and paying my bill, he hung up on me. so i called back and i never got below caller number 4 while waiting a long time.
 May 30th, 2010
This call kind of threw me off a little. Who would think that a company would call you and have their ID come up as Telemarketer. Almost sounds like a joke but of course most are. Anyway I wasn't here to answer the phone and they didn't leave me one of those long-winded messages so I don't know what this telemarketer wanted. Guess I wait until they call again, assuming they will. Kind of got my curiosity going as to what kind of idiot would identify themselves that way to a phone number that is on the do-not-call list.
 May 29th, 2010
My new hobby is to answer any unidentified calls (although I am on the no call list) and answer "hello" with a heavy accent. Then when they finally ask for me (even for charities, surveys, political campaigns, etc), I just say "no engrish." Some will continue to ask if someone in the hous speaks, and I just keep saying "no engrish." It is actually kind of fun.
 May 28th, 2010
Although this one calls at least once a day, at least the caller ID says "TELEMARKETER" - so I guess I can't accuse them of lying!! And, no. I never answer it. Of course they never leave a message either.
 May 27th, 2010
Based on Caller ID, a great reason to not even answer... just register a complaint with FTC for Do Not Call violation... But, I think that the Do Not Call people are just another typical government rip-off.... who knows where they surf instead of doing the job they are supposed to do..
 May 26th, 2010
This is a scam. A recording says the call is from "card-holder services" and that it is possible to lower the rate on my credit card. Press 9 to speak with an agent. Of course they aren't from the card-holder services department of your credit card company. Their company is actually named Cardholder Services but they won't admit to this you. Ask them their name and phone number and they will hang up on you. Their goal is to get you to tell them your credit card account number.
 May 24th, 2010
Call came in at 9:05pm from Attica, OH. I answered as many like to say I wanted to "blast" them since my 3 children were already in bed and guess what?!? No one even answered! It was dead air! Damn if your gonna call and harass me at least say something!!!!!!
 May 19th, 2010
We weren't home and they didn't leave a message.
 May 15th, 2010
I did research and found that the number is linked to Ohio Telecom Inc. Their number is 419-734-2369 ext 2000.

Email is

I have emailed my complaint and now I am calling to tell them to STOP or I get a lawyer!

I am on the national no call list yet these people persist and I'm sick of it.

If they tell you they have "no control over telemarketers" tell them firmly "oh YES YOU DO! They are representing YOU!"

I would like to suggest a flood of calls to the 419-734-2369 ext 2000 numbers. Perhaps then they will take notice.
 May 15th, 2010
I was at my parent's home today & a call came in from some stupid recording wanting me to call back concerning my credit card interest rate. I pressed 9 to speak to a rep. An indian-sounding guy came on & I was very nice to him (to make him talk) & he told me it was an offer & my Mom's number was gotten from Experidian. I told him we wished to have it removed as we were on a do-not-call list. He said he would gladly comply & we shouldn't receive anymore calls from them. I thanked him & hung up. Walking home, I had forwarded my home phone calls to my cell phone earlier & I received a call. I didn't know who it was so I picked up & hung up, walked into my house & logged on to type in the number on the computer. Yep.. same number thing. Wish I'd answered it then. I'd have done the samething I did at my Mom's. Idiots!
 May 12th, 2010
If I don't recognize a number, I don't answer. I have the "This line has been disconnected" tones on my answering machine. They hung up immediately. I've found this VERY effective as a deterrent as it tells auto-dialers the line is inactive and removes your number from their system. It works well on human callers, too. Uploaded for your convenience at I also reported this number to DNC.
 May 12th, 2010
Called my house at 2:24 AM the phone ringing at that late hour scared the
you know what out of me.
 May 07th, 2010
Got a call from this number. A recording started with "Hello, my name is Rachael, and I am calling from credit card.....". I hung up at this point as I have gotten these calls before. I am on the National Do Not Call List and the Missouri No Call List. I also filed complaints with Missouri and the FCC.
 May 06th, 2010
Received call today. Waited for finish so I could press "9". Reached "JAMES" .....

Recording advises this is Card Holder Services. I think it might really be Child Holder Services, an affliate of NAMBLA.
 Apr 29th, 2010
This called called me on monday, April 26, 2010 at 6:13pm perporting to be from Credit Card Services representing Chase VISA and said that if I give him my account number for verification purposes that he may be able to reduce my interest rate to 6.9%. When I said "CHASE"? and he said YES, I said WRONG ANSWER!! ...and I abruptly terminated the call. Sounded like he was from the middle-east or India and his English was poor. In the background, it sounded like 100s of folks were having conversations of a similar nature with innocent victims of this scam. I reported this to the FCC in Washington, DC; my local law enforcement agency (Thurston County Sheriff's Department); Qwest Communications, Inc. in Denver, CO; and Ohio Telecom Association in Columbus, Ohio. Since I am on the "Do Not Call" registry, I fail to understand how they get my number and why they singled me out!!
Ricky Johansen
 Apr 28th, 2010
Recorded message, call now for lower interest rate, press 9.
 Apr 24th, 2010
Credit Card Services are now calling my home from two different numbers.
610-404-3141 and
567-248-4455 listed here
 Apr 23rd, 2010
No return message
LaVerne Switzer
 Apr 21st, 2010
just another annoying n1gger bothering people
 Apr 15th, 2010
wait untill therre is a live person on the phone and thrn BLOW a LOUD Whistle
into the Phone and do this evrytime they call
 Apr 13th, 2010
Card Holser services - Claiming to be Chase,Bank of America

Lower interist rates
 Apr 08th, 2010
"Cardholder Services" calling about my "Credit Card Account"
 Apr 06th, 2010
Called my FAX number at least once or twice a month regarding credit cards I don't have. They immediately add that there is no problem with them at the moment and go on to try to offer a reduced rate on them.
 Mar 26th, 2010
 Mar 26th, 2010
Tried to call the number back but came up as a bad number
 Mar 24th, 2010
 Mar 21st, 2010
No message. When I returned call, I got a fast busy signal. The do not call list doesnt bother these scamsters.

Same call a few days ago. I argued with the guy who insisted, of course, that he is not a scamster.

And that Experian is because they sold them my name.

Asked for company name and he hung up.
 Mar 16th, 2010
Rachel from Credit Card Servicers said there was no problem with my credit card but wanted to have my card number so she could get me a better deal. Obvious phishing scam!
 Mar 16th, 2010
So i recevied a call from this number 5672484455 im so annoyed these people call from different numbers about credit cards which i don't have or call about a car warranty. what jerks don't they realize that people don't have time too put up with there s**t! Today they called me with the caller id that said caller i answered and it was that scam number i pressed 9 and this jerk answered and as soon as he answered i started screaming that i didn't have cc nor did i want him too call my number or i was going too call the police( and he quickly hung up) "What Jerks" (messages for the scammers "Go Scam Yor Mother B***H!!! hahaha!!!!!
 Mar 11th, 2010
Do they really think that someone is going to think it is a legitimate call when the caller ID says "caller"? With all of the caller ID spoofing programs available, most caller ID info cannot be trusted on numbers you do not recognize. Did not answer and do not plan to do so in the future.
 Mar 09th, 2010
I got many of these calls last year, without showing Attica OH. I reported them several times on the FCC's form, always got a copy in the mail but that was all. Several times before today, when they called, I said that I was on the do not call registry and had reported them, told them to quit calling. Last time, the guy asked for the name of the issuing bank, and I told him "you tell me" to which he replied "F*** Y**" and hung up. Today, I just hung up. they always say that this is the last chance to lower my interest rate, and to press 9. I agree with several of you here that what good is the do not call registry if they can continue to do this for a year or more with many reporting them and nothing happens.
 Mar 04th, 2010
It was a phishing call to get my credit card information. The rep said he was calling from Orlando. He first asked to verify the 1-800 number on the back of my card. Then he asked to verify my zip code. Then he asked for the issuing bank. And then he asked me to verify my credit card number.
 Feb 19th, 2010
 Feb 18th, 2010
SAME caller as # 610 / 404-3141 reported previous day !! SCAM / FRAUD Recording. BEWARE
 Feb 17th, 2010
567-248-4455 showing as Attica, OH. As others stated, it started with a recorded message to lower my credit card's interest rate and to act now before the offer expired. I pressed 9 as directed and was connected to a gentleman with a strong accent. He asked if I wanted to lower my interest rate on my Chase, Bank of America, or Capital One credit card. I asked if he was an employee of any of those banks and he hung up on me. This is a well known scam, I just wanted to see if he'd say he was an actual employee of any of those banks. Received the same exact recorded message from 610-404-3141.
Call Recipient
 Feb 16th, 2010
Beware of the Mexicans
Billy the Kid
 Feb 14th, 2010
There have been an investigation about this people,an arrest will be make soon.
 Feb 14th, 2010
No one on the other end of the line. Attica, OH.
Wes Mantooth
 Feb 09th, 2010
Two calls simultaneously to home and business numbers. Did not answer, no message left.
Tom Gray
 Feb 04th, 2010
Someone called from this phone number with a recording telling what we needed to do to lower our interest rate on a credit card we do not have. Press #9 to speak with a representative. I pressed #9 and proceeded to quote scripture from the King James Bible. John 3:16 to be exact. I asked the lady if she were to die today, was she 100% sure that she would go to heaven. She said that she was trusting in her own goodness to get her there. I helped her to understand that the Bible says there is none that doeth good, no not one. I proceeded to share the gospel of JESUS CHRIST the LORD with her. The Bible says there is only one way to get to heaven and that is through the shed blood of JESUS CHRIST. She has to trust in HIM alone for her salvation. She kindly said that she had learned something new this day and thanked me for sharing the Good news with her. I then told her that I did not have a credit card nor did I need lower rates but wished her a great day in the LORD. I would encourage others to take advantage of the phone calls that come into your home as a means to share the Gospel. GOD says HIS word will not come back void. Threasa T. Hinton
Threasa Hinton
 Feb 03rd, 2010
Don't fall for it. This is just another bunch of bottom-feeder, scum-sucking, low-life identity thieves trying to scam you out of your personal info so they can steal from you. Don't be polite to them, just tell them to go 'eff' off.
 Feb 02nd, 2010
This number just called me, i didnt answer. Thought it was a bill collector. Im gonna think of a way to scam them the next time they call me.
 Jan 07th, 2010
Received call this morning, caller ID said from Attica OH, recording stating this is Rachel from Credit Card Services. There is not a problem with your credit card at this time. Then something about lowering interest rate and press 9 now. Yeah, right. I hung up and reported to the fcc. This is nothing but scam - PLEASE, DO NOT FALL FOR THIS!
 Jan 04th, 2010
This is the second complaint I will be filing with the FCC for this company.
Please join me. I don't know how much good it will do, but this Do Not Call list doesn't seem to be working. And they need to know about it.
Matt B
 Jan 02nd, 2010
lower my interest rates on the phone! good luck if you give away your info...big scammer!!! report to fcc? good luck with that one too!
 Dec 30th, 2009
The Do Not Call List is for all intents and purposes useless. It is one of those pieces of legislation that congress wrote and passed to make it look as though they were doing something for their constituents. It is filled with loopholes, such as allowing political candidates to use and abuse robo-dialing. As usual with legislation that congress really doesn't care about, they pass the bill, but leave the enforcement unfunded. If congrss had any courage and wasn't owned by the telecom and and mass marketing lobbies they would have put individual rights ahead of their own and corporate interests. This would not be happening without somebody making money. I once printed out a list of reported calls of this nature, it was 33, single-spaced, double-sided pages.
 Dec 27th, 2009
Fill this form out and if there are enough complaints someone there will go to jail and get fined.
Me again
 Dec 22nd, 2009
Cocksucking assfuckholes is what they are. I would like to meet one face-to-face so I could beat some sense into, and the living shit of, one of these shitbags.
 Dec 22nd, 2009
Lower your credit card interest rate. press 9, I did that, got a woman with a strong accent, I asked her how she could reduce my interest rate when I do not own any credit cards, Her response was "oh" then she disconnected me. I used my caller ID and called the number that showed on the CID and a man who said he was with US cellular was in Rocky Mount and he had been getting these calls all weekend. I told him that I was going to report this phone number to Embarq (Century Link) and goodbye. I called Century Link and she gave me tips on how to handle this, to include google searching the phone number, do not call list (which I am suppose to be on). Thank you.
Teresa Hinton
 Dec 21st, 2009
The man said "that I could lower interest rates". I said that I do not keep a balance,
and I asked himk how he got my number. He QUICKLY hung up.
I'm calling the Attorney General's Office to report it.
(No, I don't really think that will do any good, but what the heck.)
JP in Mass.
 Dec 21st, 2009
Also said Rachel from card services.
Said their was currently no problem, but I could lower interest rates. I hung up. We have gotten this call before. We are also on Do Not Call.
 Dec 17th, 2009
They called at 8:23 PM, a recording said "This is Rachael from card services. Stay on the line and talk to someone about lowering your credit card rate to 6%. This your last chance." Waited & a man with a accent tells me he can lower my rate with Capital One. He's asks me what my current rate is, I answer that if they are Capital one they would know that. Then he asked me my credit score and my balance, once gain I state that if he is from Capital one he would know that. I then said why wouldn't Capital One sent this offer in a letter. He claims they did 2 weeks ago. Then I replied then resend me a copy of the letter. He said have a good night and hung up. Lying thieves.
 Dec 15th, 2009
"This is Rachel from Card Services." It's a recording. If you stay on the line and wait to talk to someone, it's a man and I tell him I am registered with the "Do Not Call Registry". The other person hangs up, saying nothing, but then the next day, another call "This is Rachel from Card Services." I have gotten as many as 4 calls a day from these people.
 Dec 14th, 2009
Called at 12 noon today-same idiots that called 4 times in Nov. and found on caller ID-no message left. Today woman said her name was "Rachael", and that she was calling from card services and could lower my rates to 6%. I told her to fuck off and hung up.
Roll Tide
 Dec 13th, 2009
Tried to call the number and it rings then immediately goes to a busy signal... This seems to be an outgoing number only.
 Dec 12th, 2009
These assholes have called my house 20 times in the last 2 years. Always to lower my interest rate on CC balances I dont have. I press 9 and I a total rude dick to them. My favorite is to tell them I am too busy F+*&ing their mother and could I get back to them when I am done.
 Dec 09th, 2009
they called me at 12:01 AM!!Most of us who are not busy scamming others are sleeping so we can get up and go earn an honest pay check. Whoever heard of pressing 9 anyway, I immediately hung up after I listened to find out it was not my parents calling with an emergency, which is usually who it is when my phone rings so late at night...needless to say, there ruined what I hoped to be a good night rest!
 Dec 04th, 2009
They called at 7:15 AM Only reason why i answered was cause i wanted to blast them at this hour. It was a recording about lowering your interest rates and when i pressed 9 to blast a person, no one answered. i can't believe these calls are being made at 7:15am!!!
 Dec 04th, 2009
Called after 10:00 PM CST!! Caller ID just said 'Caller' ... didn't answer the phone. The number is now on my phone's internal call block list.
 Dec 04th, 2009
THIS WHOLE THING IS A SCAM. DO not respond to them. After asking them why they continued to leave me a recording about my interest rate when I called my Visa Company and was told my interest (which was high!) was going to stay at 29% , why they continued to call me. The man on the phone was loud, told me "FUCK YOU THEN" and I heard a group of ladies laughing their butts off in the back ground. They called me a week later, different person on the phone much more professional attitude but still well versed in dodging questions. I Asked them why they need my credit info if they supposedly prescreened me as eligible, and the answers were too shady. Do not engage in conversation, hang up and save your brain cells.
 Dec 02nd, 2009
When I answered the phone, they immediately hung up
 Dec 02nd, 2009
Scammers beware. You never know when someone with enough technology will show up at your door to check things out. If you aren't doing anything illegal, it will not be a problem to explain it to the people knocking on your door.
 Dec 02nd, 2009
I did not answer. I thought the Gov was going to do something about these unwanted ph calls..scammers. What happened??
 Nov 26th, 2009
Got a call from these same folks. Has been happening alot. Very annoying. We are on the DNC list. I asked for a manager and the guy was very rude and said the manager was too busy for me. I asked if they were too busy for the FCC and he said the FCC could do nothing for me and that they had the FCC's pants down around their ankles. No doubt, he actually said this. Then I got mad and he sad to take his cock out of my mouth, then he hung up. Can you believe these people. Total LOSERS if you ask me. Scum of the earth.
 Nov 23rd, 2009
Credit card scam -- reported to DNC
 Nov 17th, 2009