caller ID says 'unavailable' did not leave message
anana mouse
 Mar 24th, 2013
This is a "lower your credit card scam"!!! Beware! I received the call a few minutes ago and pressed the number to get the live representative. I then asked to have my number removed. Rep responded, "do you know why we're calling you all the time?" My answer, "No, I just want you to remove my name from your list". He then said then he'll have to cancel my card. I asked him to tell me what card that he was going to cancel and of course he didn't have that information. He then starting calling me a "Bitch". I told him that I was recording the call and that I was going to report him and that I wanted my number removed immediately. He then proceeded to tell me to "Shut Up!" These are definitely crooks. Don't ever give them your information.
 Dec 01st, 2012
Same number called me today. I never answered the phone. They left no voice mail. Best way to deal with filth like this is don't answer the phone if you don't know the number. Legit callers will leave a message.
 Oct 16th, 2012
it was a lower your credit card interest rate call. no option to have number removed. I pressed 9 to speak to operator and told them to remove my number, he told me he couldn't do that because he was from my credit card company. I asked which one and he said all of them. I told him again to remove the number and he said he couldn't and that he would cancel all my credit cards. He asked me if I had $6000 in credit card debt and I told him if he was from my credit card company he would know my balance. Remove my name and again said he could not and was going to cancel my cards because I was being uncooperative. I asked to speak to a supervisor and denied me I demanded he said his supervisor was busy with another person I said I would hold he then asked why I was being uncooperative and said he was going to cancel my credit cards. I said supervisor, he said he was busy I said I would hold he said ok and the phone went dead, he hung up. I tried calling the number back and it says not in service and also note that there are not enough digits to be a real phone number. I am trying to report it to the fcc but their site is having issues.
 Oct 12th, 2012