They have called me for months, i am on the national no call list and have told them so, have threatened to turn them in and now i am doing so. i have talked to them all they want is a bank acct number so they cand give you money from a lawsuit for yasmin-SCAM never have taken yasmin
 Nov 24th, 2013
dont know who this is but would like them to quit calling when you answer noone there
 Nov 11th, 2013
I have had numerous calls from different numbers and this is the latest one. They claim that I am eligible for compensation for taking birth control. I have NEVER taken birth control and have told them this and asked them to stop calling and take my number off their list. The last two times the guy has gotten irate with me and will not stop insisting that I have taken birth contol and can recieve compensation. I have had to just hang up the last two times because they will not listen to me
Angry Caller
 Nov 09th, 2013
Called back said this cell number is no longer in service.
 Nov 05th, 2013