This number has called several times. I have not answered as I don't answer calls from numbers I don't know. From my internet research it is a diabetes supplies company. I haven't seen any positive responses regarding them. I will file a complaint with my State Attorney's office.
 Feb 24th, 2014
Same story... Should have received this call at least 30 times in the last few months. Thick chinese accent. Asked about diabetes. I picked once last week and told them never to call again. The frequency has increased since. I got 3 calls today. I filed a complaint with FTC and got a lame letter saying they cannot do anything.
 Sep 26th, 2013
They asked if I was the diabetic in the house.
I told them to stop calling.
Indian/Pakistani accent.
he said its his job....
He said the caller ID was a 'technical glitch.'
I had words which I wont say here for him....suffice to say I told him not to call again.
 Sep 24th, 2013
I have received numerous calls and have told them not to call me, but they keep calling. They are trying sell me diabetes supplies.
Robert Knight
 Aug 20th, 2013
Several calles com in. thewre is never anyone on the other end. When called back ot says "Diabetes ???" could not make out the rest. Callid says located in Boca Raton, FL.
robert c
 Aug 08th, 2013