Contact information for this company:

President, Allied Interstate, Inc.: Mack C. Jay, III; 3111 S. Dixie Hwy, Suite 101; West Palm Beach, FL 33403. Phone: 561-671-2121; FAX: 561-671-6040; Toll Free; 800-955-3103.

Allied Interstate, Inc.; 435 Ford Road, Ste. 800; Minneapolis, MN 55426-1066. Adjustment/Collection Service. Leaves voice mail messages in English and French.

Allied Interstate, Inc., is a subsidiary of:
IntelliRisk Management Corp.; 3000 Corporate Exchange Drive; Columbus, OH 43231
 Apr 14th, 2010
Allied Interstate will not stop calling me...even after I told them I never heard of the person they asked for...Ive had my cell number for over 10 years!

In one day Allied Interstate called me from 866-396-7770 at:

And that was after telling them Saturday (July 4th) that the female name they were looking for is not and never had my number (i'm male btw).

Mr. Mack C. Jay, III
Allied Interstate, Inc.
3111 S. Dixie Hwy., Suite 101
West Palm Beach, FL 33405
Phone: 561-671-2121
Fax: 561-671-6040
Toll Free: 800-955-3103

Allied Interstate, Inc. possibly is a subsidiary of:

IntelliRisk Management Corporation
3000 Corporate Exchange Drive
Columbus, OH 43231

Allied Interstate, Inc.
435 Ford Road, #800
Minneapolis, MN 55426-1066
Phone: 952-546-6600
Toll Free: 800-806-3342
Free: 866-525-7795
Fax: 952-595-2311
 Jul 07th, 2009
my email is I have perfect credit (780 score). Owe no one a dime. I bought a piece of property from Latina W. three years ago. I do not have info on Latina W. I have two telephone lines in my home. I have been bombarded with automated calls from 877-375-6992, 4-6 times a day on both home phone lines. Most of the time nobody is on the other end. Three times they have been and I explained I do not have current info on Latina W. but I have only bought property from this person 3 years ago. I asked them to leave me alone. They keep calling from 877-375-6992. This morning was the last straw!!!! Sunday morning at 6 am. they started calling and called 5 times betw 6am -9:30 am. IF ANYONE FILES A CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT AGAINST THIS COMPANY - CONTACT ME AT
I'm not sure but the caller may be Allied Interstate, Inc., 3111 S. Dixie Hwy., Suite 101,West Palm Beach, FL 33405
Phone: 561-671-2121,Fax: 561-671-6040,Contact: Larry Perillo - Compliance Dept Administrator
Business Start Date: 1/1/1976
Company ID: 9638
Mike C
 Jun 28th, 2009
This bottom-feeder, Allied Interstate, is a third or fourth level collection agency at:
Allied Interstate, Inc, 3111 S. Dixie Hwy., Suite 101, West Palm Beach, FL 33405,
561-671-2121, 800-955-3103, Fax: 561-671-6040. They buy-up old collection records and try to collect on them. Since the accuracy of such records is always questionable, they often call looking for people you've never heard of. They will threaten you, cuss and swear at you and call you at all hours of the day and night. A company like it was featured on 20/20 awhile back. The only people who are lower than these are the 419 Nigerian scam people. The caller ID number is routed through several different exchanges through different states. Calling the company number gets you nowhere, as they won't fess-up to being financial sucker-fish. Someone should speak to them manually as electronic communication is completely ignored.
 Jun 12th, 2009