Gold Coast Publishing / Golfer's Digest Scam.

I somehow fell for this scam and gave my CC number. After all of the talking the guy did to build up my trust, I thought it was interesting how quickly he ended the conversation after I gave my payment info. At that point, a number of red flags came to mind as I thought more about the sales pitch. I immediately called my credit card company and canceled the card. Within a minute of canceling the card I got a call and a voice mail from the "accounts and billing" of the scammer saying that my card was declined. Google searches of the various phone numbers that they used all point to one thing, a SCAM.

They used a service that I have a legitimate ad placed for my business to find me. This service gives me the IP address of prospective clients. See below.

Company name used: Gold Coast Publishing
Phone numbers used to call me: 561-393-3464, 561-417-2934, 561-417-2570
Phone number they give to call them: 1-855-382-0300 with multiple extensions
IP #:
IP Location: West Palm Beach, FL
IP Info on

I have submitted a complaint with the FTC. A bit of advice: Never give your CC number or personal information to anyone who calls you regardless of how legit you think they are. Only give your information to businesses or people whom you initiate contact with.
District of Columbia
 Aug 14th, 2014