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New Jersey
 Aug 19th, 2017
 Feb 01st, 2011
Lastly, I will repost what "E" posted way back down the line about this number:

Since one of the above entries stated something about septic tank products, I was able to find the following information about the FBK company. . .maybe we can all start calling them repeatedly and hang up on them. It may even be worth calling the collect and letting them pick-up the tab!!!


FBK Products
3020 High Ridge Road, Suite 200
Boynton Beach, Florida 33426

Tel. 561-202-9199
Fax. 561-202-0179

Toll Free: 1-800-880-7122

Hours of Operation:
Monday - Thursday 8am-10pm (EST)
Friday - 8am-5pm (EST)
Saturday - 8am-2pm (EST)

 Sep 25th, 2009
The FAX number for FBK was changed. Because of number portability, splitting and zone scintering I called the 800-577-6384 Toll Free and played dumb when the nice gal identified herself with FBK to me. I gave the nice lady my background adn the I was trying to send a FAX but the old number wasnt going through? I told her our area had recently gone through a zone split and was causing issues and wondered if they had the same issue? She said no, that they changed the number from 561-253-1139 Fax to the new number of 561-202-0179.

 Sep 25th, 2009

;) Ta ta!
 Sep 25th, 2009

Hmmmm. So it was updated this year. Possibly by a squater service that took the name since they failed to re-register in December. And it looks like it was a recent acquisition. Nuthing pleases me more than the cannabalistic market of DNS squaters and cheesy telemarket services. ;) This amuses me.

So I am going to surmise that FBK (DBA: Selective Healther Services) lost their DNS name to DIRECTI INTERNET SOLUTIONS PVT. LTD. a DBA of the largest squatter firms known PUBLICDOMAINREGISTRY.COM? :) LOL.

A little more bigging and I found out at some point it can ALSO be surmised the IT person for the domain name of the new owner has successfully obfuscated his regular primary records with an anonymous DNS holding firm in the Netherlands. ;) Amusing. So it will be hard pressed for FBK to go the route I am taking to gt the same information on the new DNS Lease Holders. ;) LOL. But I can say the new lease owners are parking the site in New York from the trace records and WebAir.Net hosting it goes to. http://www.webair.com/ But that info is beside the point of our excercise...

So the nice fellow I spoke with YESTERDAY didnt have ANY call back info when I said the other house owners were not home and could I get a call back for his noble and crappy sewage product (pun intended). Now the fun begins. In the first 5 steps we gained anough details for this number and telco block owner and switch to give these folks will get a call from me and a fax and an email now...
 Sep 25th, 2009
Recording identifying it was a telemarket call for septic services, before same caller was for insurance.

Here's how to trace them up:
1) http://whocalled.us/lookup/5612531135 (well yer here now so that's good)
2) http://www.numberinvestigator.com/phone/561-253-1135.html (that jives well)
3) http://www.numberinvestigator.com/trace-success/5612531135/n (good good it matches)
4) http://phones.whitepages.com/561-253 (excellent, more info! WOOT!)
5) http://yellowpages.superpages.com/listings.jsp?PG=L&search=Find+It&STYPE=S&C=FBK+Products+Inc&sid=12213&SRC=comwp&R=N&S=FL&T=WEST+PALM+BEACH (Even better, we are getting close!)
6) http://www.superpages.com/bp/West-Palm-Beach-FL/FBK-Products-Inc-L011-916-1933.htm?SRC=comwp&C=FBK+Products+Inc&lbp=1&TR=77&bidType=FLCLIK&PGID=yp465.8081.253-898-340031.342-146-50583 (A FAX, 800 callback and ADDRESS!)

And look! Health Plans and Septic Services (what a healthy combo)

So visiting here (I use FireFox with Javastop and Adblock Plus installed, I wouldn't suggest this next link at work or using Microsoft Internet Exploder. *POP* *POP* *POP UP ADS*)

http://selectivehealthplans.com/ (I suppose keeping my crapper clean is a selective health option?)

OY! A site parking service for the domain name. Even looking at the page source code (CTRL+U in da Fox) indicates it's only parked...

Well, that website was bunk anyhow, so, let's verify the registration with WHOIS and NETCRAFT for some internet based details in case there are OTHER numbers we can leverage to fight back this ROBODIAL spam? Shall we?!

No info, okay. So that means this is a relatively short lived web precense already. Hmmmm...

Whois Server: whois.PublicDomainRegistry.com
Referral URL: http://www.PublicDomainRegistry.com
Name Server: NS1.DNSING.NET
Name Server: NS2.DNSING.NET
Status: ok
Updated Date: 21-jul-2009
Creation Date: 16-dec-2003
Expiration Date: 16-dec-2010

>>> Last update of whois database: Fri, 25 Sep 2009 17:20:10 UTC
 Sep 25th, 2009
561 253 1135 fkb called my parents since my parents didn't understand what they were saying i get on the phone and as soon as i say i am their legal rep they hang up interesting and amusing...since my parents are elderly
 Apr 30th, 2009
Got call from FBK 561-253-1135,I didn't answer,they didn't leave message. Have gotten them
before. I'm on the no-call list. One of these days they will call and I will *#*#*#*#* them good..
 Mar 21st, 2009
FBK callers, Tel.561-253-1135, are telemarketers based in Florida. They call off-office hours. They do not respect the privacy of your home. Scam callers! They WILL NEVER GET RESPONSE from the people. The best way is TO NOT ANSWER YOUR PHONE AT ALL! Let's see who will get tired of calling & spending dollars for their phone bill. TZ, 3/7/2009.
 Mar 07th, 2009
get an air horn....and answer the phone and when they start to speak. BLOW their ear out. If they call again don't put your ear to the phone. pick it up and BLOW they will stop in time. BUT the air horn is loud for you also. You can use a good whistle if the air horn is to loud for you. The do not call is a joke or we would not be getting these calls. The only people that aciknowledge the do not call are people that respect the do not call list rules and regulations.
 Mar 06th, 2009
I did not pick up. They left no message.
My number is on the National Do Not Call Register
 Mar 05th, 2009
they have been calling/I've asked to be removed and they still call! ....call about SBK septic something
 Mar 02nd, 2009
They called me at 7:50 A.M. I didn't answer the call but the Caller ID indicated FBK Products. So, I called back in the afternoon to find out what they wanted. They asked, "Do you own the house and does it have a septic tank?" My response, "NO!" Their explanation, "Sorry it must have been a misdirected call." HUH!!!
 Feb 18th, 2009
They called my house while I was on a trip with our children to FL, so my husband answered in case it might be me as the caller ID showed 'PALM BEACH, FL'. A man asked for me by my first name, then refused to leave a message and said he would call back later. The number shows up as a bank in FL, the address is in another post below, when I looked it up using google.
 Feb 08th, 2009
We've been getting 2 calls a day for the last week. We've answered a couple times with the intention of telling them to quit calling. No one is on the other end. Must be a computer dialer. I guess we're suppose to wait until someone comes to the line!! Will try one of the add'l phone numbers and ask that we be placed on no call list and go from there.
Pam W.
 Jan 10th, 2009
Additional contacts for this company:
Daniel Feldman (Manager)
Gary Kranz (Manager)
Hank Parker (Customer Service Manager)
Marc Rona (Manager)
Richard Kaufman (Manager)
Steven Kranz (Manager)
Denise Kantrowitz (CFO)

Additional phone numbers that this company has and the business hours....if anyone would like to contact them personally.

Tel. 561-202-9199
Toll Free 1-800-478-1767
Fax. 561-202-0179

Hours of Operation:
Monday - Thursday 8am-10pm (EST)
Friday - 8am-5pm (EST)
Saturday - 8am-2pm (EST)

I hope all of this information that I have provided will help others know that this company needs to be put to a stop. I am only getting harrassing phone calls - I have researched that other ppl have complained of the company stating that the consumer owes them money when they do not. Please be aware of this company.
Caller ID: 561-253-1135
Caller: FBK Holdings/FBK Products, LLC.
 Jan 04th, 2009
I've been rec'ing calls from 561-253-1135 for the past 3 months and one call from a 561-515-7662- began in Oct 2008 - Since then I have contacted them personally 5 times - asking each time to please remove my phone number - I am on the national do not call registry list since 11/07. The last 2 times I contacted them, I asked to speak to a manager and a guy named Glen answered. On 12/24/08, Glen was very rude to me and actually hung up on me 2 times!!! He did say he'd remove my number before hanging up on me. Since 12/24 - I have rec'd calls from them 12/26, 12/31, 1/2 - on 1/2 I called the number back. Asked to speak to a manager and Glen picked up the phone again. Glen said he would be a nice person and take my # off the database even though I threatened him with by going to a lawyer and getting a registered letter. Today (1/4) I received yet another phone call from this number at 9am.
 Jan 04th, 2009
Did not answer and they did not leave a message
 Dec 19th, 2008
CAlled at 9:30am....I do not answer numbers I dont recognize but they left no message.
 Jun 02nd, 2008
They always call when not home- I called them back due to #, they replied "you must have wrong # nobody from here has been calling you". Yet I get 3-5 calls a week. They never leave message.
 May 16th, 2008
Septic tank products
 May 14th, 2008
No message. No one there. Calls at 7:00AM. This is the fourth call in a week. Getting real OLD!!
 May 02nd, 2008
Since one of the above entries stated something about septic tank products, I was able to find the following information about the FBK company. . .maybe we can all start calling them repeatedly and hang up on them. It may even be worth calling the collect and letting them pick-up the tab!!!


FBK Products
3020 High Ridge Road, Suite 200
Boynton Beach, Florida 33426

Tel. 561-202-9199
Fax. 561-202-0179

Toll Free: 1-800-880-7122

Hours of Operation:
Monday - Thursday 8am-10pm (EST)
Friday - 8am-5pm (EST)
Saturday - 8am-2pm (EST)

 Apr 22nd, 2008
I just got a call from that number five minites ago with that number saying it was from FBK, i answered it and kept saying wat do you want and nothing just silence that went on for 30 seconds maybe more then they just hanged up. It kinda was freaking cus i was just looking up sh*t about aliens and government consperacys and that was just great timing so ya im gonna find out who the hell this call came from by.
 Feb 22nd, 2008
I get calls from this number several times a day, several days a week. They always hang-up. When I call them back and start to tell them not to vcall my number they always hang-up. I like the idea of the whistle explained above! I've just been yelling as loud as I could! Also, cell phones #'s went public 2-14-08, so it won't be hard to trace those anymore!
 Feb 15th, 2008
Just got a call from this number asking for my son. I called back and was told the only way they could have my number is because I had used one of their products. I told the lady what dang products, I didn't even know who they were so how could I know what products they sold or were trying to sell. Lady said we have over a 100 and you must have used one, maybe our septic tank cleaner. I told no I have not nor has anyone in my household. I wanted them to take my name and number off their list do not call me again. Lady wanted to know what 800 number did they call me from when I told her it was not an 800 number and gave her the number she said oh sorry that is another department let me check and see why they called you and my supervisor will call you back. So far supervisor has not called me back.
Gloria Rice
 Feb 13th, 2008
I answered and when they said, "Our records show that you own your home and have a septic system, is that correct?" I said, "No that is not correct and if you call me again you will hear from my attorney." They hung up.
 Feb 12th, 2008
i called the number back, they have caller id, and knew my name when i asked why they called me, they told they were calling because I use some sort of septic tank cleaner that they sell to me, I had absolutly no idea what they were talking about I told her I rent and live in the city and she told me she was sorry and had the wrong number but I informed her that I had called her, then she told me not to call her back when I asked how she got my name she told me they had caller id, telemarketer
 Feb 06th, 2008
A good, strong sounding police whistle works just fine. Turn your phone on when "FBK Holdings" calls and then blow it as loud and as long as you can into the mouth piece. They're absolutely a nuisance of the worst kind! They can also expect that whistle, every time they call me until they give it up. I hope it blew out their cellphone or ear drum. We've been on the "do not call" list for several years, and I've warned them they can get fined. Tracing them on their cell phone is tough, so I'm told.
 Jan 24th, 2008
I've gotten Chris St. James from 5 different numbers in the last 2 days at work:


all asking I contact him at 800-210-2892.

He has been calling me at work for the LAST 4 MONTHS NON-STOP. HTF do you report this clown and get him to serve some jail time?

I can't wait 90 days for the Do-Not-Call List and what if he doesn't comply?
 Jan 23rd, 2008
This company has been calling me off and on for over a year....we are on the do not call registry but this does not seem to stop them........
 Dec 29th, 2007
They told me they only called customers and I am not a customer and don't know who they are. I placed 3 calls now, telling them to take me off their list. How do I get them to stop calling my number which is my work number?
Alison Nadell
 Dec 14th, 2007
this number is calling me constantly sometimes it shows up as 561-253-1135. when i answer they hang up sometimes they call more than once a day. how can i stop this i consider this harresment
alfreda blood
 Dec 13th, 2007
I receive way too many calls from this number and when I answer they hang up.
I finally got a hold of a man that was asking if I was one of their customers, then hung up on me when I said no.
I sure they are telemarketers.
 Dec 10th, 2007
They called my cell-I didn't ans but called them on land line. FBK Products! Selling Septic cleaner!! I told them not to call this number again-gave them number-next day-they called again. 3X's Just don't answer & call the do not call registry.
 Nov 20th, 2007
file a complaint on the do not call registry when they call you!
 Nov 16th, 2007
Another number being used by FBK Holdings 561-253-1135
 Oct 19th, 2007
Call at 10:51am this morning. Then when I cut the answering machine off before the outgoing, they hung up and immediately called back under number 866-865-7770
 Oct 19th, 2007
This is the same company as 561-253-1135. I've called them at the 800 number to have my number taken off of their call list, but they are remarkably arrogant and are obviously the typical worthless boiler room tele-marketing company that pays them more than picking cotton, which is done by illegal aliens.
 Oct 16th, 2007
Looked this number up elsewhere and it seems FBK Holdings is just another telemarketer
 Oct 04th, 2007
answered, there was no immediate answer, so I hung up.
 Sep 06th, 2007
what is this call in reference too.email me at
Victor P.Ugarte
 Sep 03rd, 2007
No message left...
 Aug 20th, 2007
I didn't pick up and they didn't leave a message.
 Aug 03rd, 2007
No message left
 Mar 03rd, 2007